ECCFPD: False Alarm at Delta Scrap and Metal


All smiles this morning as Engine 93 and the Contra Costa County Sheriff responded to smoke being reported at Delta Scrap and Metal on Main St. in Oakley. It should be noted this could have been potentially dangerous with propane being near the location of the reported fire.

According to Battalion Chief Brian Helmick, the smoke that was being reported was actually a diesel engine that started up and produced more than usual smoke.

Kudos to Oakley residents and passing drivers for being observant.

Here are a few shots of the false alarm. ECCFPD was on scene less than 15-minutes.


  1. Having been back there, this would have been a disaster in a hurry for not only ECCFPD, but likely would have need CONFIRE as well. Glad this was not a real alarm

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