Photos: Delta Waters Town Hall


Here are a few photographs I took last night from the Delta Waters Town Hall last night in Discovery Bay where close to 250 people attended to become educated on the issues facing the Delta.  Those in attendance also got to see the movie “Over Troubled Waters” from Restore the Delta.

The event was hosted by Save the California Delta Alliance and featured updates on Delta. Speakers included Jan McCleery, Michael Brodsky, Supervisor Mary Piepho and Assemblyman Jim Frazier (D-Oakley).

Paul Burgarino wrote a story in the Contra Costa Times recapping the event.

In speaking with Assemblyman Frazier after the event, and I will be paraphrasing so it’s not word for word, but he informed me he thought the forum did a lot of good educating East County of what is needed to oppose  the governors from a public’s stance. He was also pleased by the passion in the room in supporting the Delta.

He explained how Southern California representatives should be contacted and educated on the effects of the Delta–their minds need to be changed.  Those of us in “Northern California get it,” and that they are on our side. But the outreach needs to be headed to Southern California so they can learn more about the effects.