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Diane Burgis Earns Support of Leaders Fighting the Delta Tunnels

by ECT

OAKLEY, CALIF — On Monday, 19 environmental groups and community leaders, including the League of Conservation Voters of the East Bay and the Sierra Club, collectively representing more than 30,000 members fighting the Delta Tunnels, announced their support for Diane Burgis for Contra Costa County Supervisor in District 3.

“The Sierra Club proudly endorses Diane Burgis for the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors,” said Norman La Force of the Sierra Club San Francisco Bay Chapter. “She will be a strong voice for protecting the urban limit line and promoting smart growth in our county. She will also add to the elected officials opposed to the destruction of the Delta with the ill-conceived tunnels that will not only be destructive to the environment but also harm future economic development that relies on our water staying where it belongs, with us.”

Diane, a former Delta Protection Commission member and advocate for the East Contra Costa County Habitat Conservancy, is the Executive Director of the Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed and an elected member of the East Bay Regional Parks District Board representing most of District 3. She was recently inducted into the Contra Costa County Women’s Commission Hall of Fame for her work protecting county natural resources.

In addition to the League of Conservation Voters of the East Bay and the Sierra Club, Diane earned the endorsement of the following environmental champions and regional leaders:

  • Supervisor Mary Nejedly Piepho, District 3 Contra Costa County Supervisor & Chair of the Delta Protection Commission
  • Erik Vink, Delta Protection Commission Executive Director
  • Joan Buchanan, President of Restore the Delta & Former State Assemblymember
  • Congressman Jerry McNerney, Member of the House Subcommittee on Environment and Economy
  • Ron Brown, Former Save Mount Diablo Executive Director
  • Seth Adams, Save Mount Diablo Land Conservation Director
  •  Lori Cook, Fmr. Antioch Parks & Recreation Commissioner
  • Sandra Myers, Brentwood Parks and Recreation Commissioner
  • Ayn Weiskamp, East Bay Regional Park District Director
  • Beverly Lane, East Bay Regional Park District Director
  •  Doug Siden, East Bay Regional Park District Director
  • Dennis Waespi, East Bay Regional Park District Director
  • John Sutter, East Bay Regional Park District Director
  • Whitney Dodson, East Bay Regional Park District Director
  • Bette Boatmun, Contra Costa Water District Director
  • Constance Holdaway, Contra Costa Water District Director
  • John Coleman, East Bay Municipal Utility District Director
  • Andy Katz, East Bay Municipal Utility District Director

“Diane’s environmental credentials are unparalleled,” said Ron Brown, Retired Executive Director of Save Mount Diablo. “She has a long history of fighting for our local waterways, parks, farms, ranches and natural lands.  I know we can count on her to defend the Delta and our open space on the County Board of Supervisors, while also developing the county responsibly so that our grandchildren can enjoy the land we love.”

Before joining the parks board, Diane Burgis served as an Oakley City councilmember and spent over ten years as a small business owner. She highlights four priorities for her candidacy: improving public safety, attracting economic development, ensuring fiscal accountability and preserving the delta for future generations.

Voters can learn more about her and her platform at www.dianeburgis.com.

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Patty Oct 25, 2016 - 7:04 pm

Nice list of lobbyist politicos. That is not a list of citizens that want her. It is a list of favors to be returned at the expense of us residents wallets. A very good example of a candidate who works for other politicians. We need someone to represent us the taxpayers not the tax takers. Barr has my vote. Join me and stop the corruption in political circles that is damaging our county. Independent thinkers not politicians beholding to other politicians. Vote Steve Barr.

A Dose of Reality Oct 25, 2016 - 7:11 pm


Maybe you should check out Steve Barr and who is funding him including Brentwood Mayor Bob Taylor who paid him off not to run for Mayor a second time. he contributed $1,675 to his campaign which Barr failed to even report on time.

Anyone outside of Brentwood would be foolish to support Barr, he only cares about Brentwood. His little gimmick about farmers are a joke considering he is being backed by developers and oil companies.

A list of the “B Team” who is supporting Barr as listed on his website.

Elected Officials

Jim Frazier- Assemblymember, California State Assembly
Bob Taylor- Mayor, City of Brentwood
Joel Bryant- Vice Mayor, City of Brentwood
Erick Stonebarger- Council member, City of Brentwood
Doug Hardcastle- Council member, City of Oakley
Lori Ogorchock- Mayor Pro-Tem, City of Antioch
Bill Pease- President, Board of Directors, Town of Discovery Bay
Joanne Byer- Trustee, Liberty Union High School District
Emil Geddes-Board Member, Brentwood Union School District
Scott Dudek- Board Member, Brentwood Union School District

Vote Steve Barr, Oct 25, 2016 - 7:34 pm

Steve has our vote!

Vote Burgis Oct 25, 2016 - 11:22 pm

Wow! Talk about a B team… B must stand for Brentwood, Barr and emBarrasment.

I’m sure Barr would love to have Diane Burgis’ endorsers. Diane Burgis has three votes in our household. Diane Burgis will be fair to all communities, not just Brentwood.

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