Bethel Island Fire Station Featured on KTVU



Kudos go out to Bethel Island resident Christine Thresh for leading the charge to get the Bethel Island station declared a historic structure which will make it easier to raise funds to fix the station in the future.

KTVU did a short segment on the station which included some quotes from Ms. Thresh along with Chief Henderson.  The chief showed reporter Noelle Walker around the Bethel Island station to show why it’s been closed since 2008 due to water damage and mold.  It could take up to a year to repair.

They also discussed very briefly the 10-15 minute response times and how if you are in need of help, it feels like an eternity.

If you recall, it was in June when Ms. Thresh started the process while she submitted the application in mid-July. This is such a fantastic thing she is doing that I am excited to see the progress of such a neat looking quilt.

Check out some of her pictures while you can follow her blog to keep up to date with her progress.