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East Contra Costa Fire Set to Discuss MOU for Vineyards at Deer Creek Project

by ECT

On Wednesday, the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District will discuss whether or not to approve a Memorandum of Understanding which would result in an influx of funding to the District from the Deer Vineyards at Deer Creek Project. The MOU would be with GBN Partners LLC.

The move comes as Brentwood will vote in November on Measure L which would result in a 20-year Plan on 815 acres which would add 2,400 homes off Balfour Road. The project will also include road safety projects and access for emergency services.

According to the fire district, their Strategic Plan calls for a present need to reduce response times for emergency services throughout the District—which includes bringing in additional funding to ensure financial stability and sustainability. The strategic plan calls for new development to cover the costs by development fees and community facilities districts.

At their August meeting, the Board opted to negotiate a revised version of the MOU which will be presented on Wednesday.

According to the District, for Brentwood to add a fire station, it would cost approximately $11 million dollars to build and equip a station. On going operation cost would be $4 million per year.

Should Measure L Pass, the fire district would receive approximately $2 million to $2.5 million annually. The project would also be subject to the City’s fire facility impact fee to help fund capital needs, such as fire stations and engines.

The MOU includes:

  • GBN will pay to the District $4.5 million towards the cost of equipping and staffing a new These payments will consist of:
    • A$1 million lump sum payment at the outset of the Project.
    • A per unit payment on the first 1,500 residential dwelling units totaling $3.5 million
  • GBN will construct a fire station for the District similar in design to Station 53, an estimated value to the District of $6.5 million.
    • Additionally, if the District determines that the location of the station should be on the Property,
  • GBN will dedicate a two acre parcel to the District for use as a fire
    • As GBN is providing for the construction of the station, the District will request that the City waive its impact fees that would otherwise have gone towards construction of the station.
  • GBN will participate in a CFD with a parcel tax that will generate not less than $650 per built lot per year. At buildout, 2,400 homes would generate $1,560,000per year CFD tax revenues to fund District operations

Staff Report: Click here
MOU Doc: click here

If you Attend:
Sept. 11: East Contra Costa Fire Board of Directors Meeting
6:30 pm at City of Brentwood – City Hall
150 City Park Way. Brentwood, CA 94513

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