Video: Man Airlifted to Hospital After 3-Vehicle Crash in Oakley


At 3:49 pm Sunday, the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District responded to a 3-vehicle crash at Laurel Road at O’Hara Avenue in the City of Oakley.

Oakley police were first on scene and reported a male victim was still trapped in a vehicle and shut down the intersection while crews worked to free the man from the overturned vehicle.

Within 5-minutes, the man was freed and transported to a Laurel Elementary so he could be airlifted to a local hospital.

The Oakley Police are investigating the crash, whoever, according to our readers who witnessed the crash, this appears to be a case of a red light runner.


  1. Must be slow news Sunday. Hum, bet this involved a RED light runner

  2. We don’t need videos of this. What are you doing. Chasing police and fire trucks?? Wow. Relax ECT. There’ll be news.

  3. @Who cares: the Bay Area News outlets from Oakland and SF are unlikely to cover this without visuals. YES we need VIDEO even if you’re not interested- others are. ECT’s outstanding efforts to be able to get imagery – an injury or mishap is news, and is “hard news” in journalistic lingo. Death, political tweets or tabloid celebrity scandals shouldn’t be the standard for headlines or newsworthiness. *SMH*

  4. I think it is really cool with the videos. If you don’t like the videos than don’t watch!!!! Great job

  5. Good job on this video, Mike. The debate has been going on for years in East Contra Costa County with respect to funding fire stations. Seeing what is involved in saving lives in situations such as this can only help laymen, like myself, to a better understanding of the work that our public safety workers are engaged in. This, in turn, helps us make more informed decisions as voters when we are called upon to decide what services we want funded. If a picture is worth a thousand words, maybe a video is worth ten thousand.

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