Swalwell Statement on Judiciary Committee’s Approval of Articles of Impeachment

Press Release


WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Eric Swalwell (CA-15), a member of the House Committee on the Judiciary and of House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, issued the following statement Friday:

“Today, I voted to send articles of impeachment to the House of Representatives that will hold President Donald Trump accountable for his ongoing abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Fortunately, America’s Founders did not leave the people helpless to an executive’s abuses. Our Constitution provides the power of impeachment and removal. President Trump is on a constitutional crime spree, jeopardizing our national security and the integrity of our elections. We have no choice but to act.

“No critical fact in this investigation is in dispute. And this case is no longer about what the president did. We know what Donald Trump did; he admitted it. As these articles move to the full House of Representatives, this is now about what we must do to protect our national security and our elections.”



  1. You forgot the part where you prayed about this, and that it is a solemn and sad occasion. All you are is a reminder that Washington DC is no different than any high school election. You have galvanized the beast that is going to swallow you guys up in 2020. You made impeachment meaningless, And in doing so you injured our country. Mark my words.

    • You sound like your mom just kicked you out of the basement and are on your way to get more Mountain Dew, Doritos, and cigarettes.

      If Trump wasn’t “galvanized” in his 20’s with his bone spurs when it was time to serve his country, what makes you think he can be now with his 70 year old syphillitic brain?

        • Even when I’m drunk, I know the difference between “you’re” and “your”. Apparently you don’t.

          • Hey Barbara, that seems to be the ONLY thing you know! Now, go take a long nap. It’s Christmas Eve!

      • Barbara, if you have a problem with Trump’s bone spurs, then you might have a chat with the military physician who examined him.

        • It wasn’t a military physician who cleared him, it was his primary who rented his office in the building owned by Trumps father.

          • Wrong, Barbara! The military physician has the last word and doesn’t take his personal physician’s diagnosis as evidence. So, know off with this crap already! If you don’t like the guy, so be it! He is a DULY elected President of the United States of AMERICA and there is nothing you can do about it, Babs!

      • Hey Babs! You might just join Swalwell in a Fart-Off! See who produces the most stench. Thus far, you seem to be leading!

      • I don’t smoke. I don’t drink Mountain Dew, and I bought my first house at nineteen years of age. Given your ability to assess people, I would recommend you avoid a career as a fortune teller. If you want fortune, however, there have been 127 new records on the stock market since Trump was elected, and unemployment is at all-time HISTORIC lows for, a) blacks, b) Hispanics and, c) women. We aren’t mired in useless wars all over the globe as you all predicted. The only complaint I have are rude people insulting total strangers because they feel a fake virtuosity. I do take an ugly pleasure knowing Trump will be re-elected. Methinks thou protest too weakly. *

        * a Shakespeare reference (You can Google his name)

      • Guess what, Barbara! I, and over 300 of my relatives, are voting for Trump AGAIN and on 2024, we will vote for Mike Pence! Obama has ruined the Democratic Party but no one told them.

        Now, go and d drink some egg nog with a lot of bourbon in it. You’ll feel much better! And … do take your meds!

    • Swallow Well will NEVER live down FartGate… it will always haunt him like the bad smell he produced.

  2. Swallow is a sad human. This idiot has been hanging out with B-Shif way to long and lies right along with him. How in the hell do dems vote for this asshole.

  3. “No critical fact in this investigation is in dispute. And this case is no longer about what the president did. We know what Donald Trump did; he admitted it.” Anyone who agrees with this parrot is living in a different world where lies based on feelings is what matters. This is what he meant – no critical fact in this investigation is in dispute with how I feel. And this case is no longer about what the President did. We know what Donald Trump did; he admitted to being a President that half America wants him to be by forcing countries to end their corruption that is costing us taxpayers billions in losses.

    • Russia is THE most corrupt country on earth, followed by Mexico’s government! Those are the countries we should have no deals with. We should encourage and help Russia’s neighboring countries to build nuclear weapons and keep them. This way, Russia will not attempt to invade them.

  4. My question is:
    Do you have to give up common sense, critical thinking, and the process of deducing facts from a persons actions, not his/her statements, to be a democrat. (rhetorical question)
    Everyone of the house members I listened to for the last three weeks lacked all of the above, and/or are liars. To think the IG’s report somehow exonerates the FBI, and was not politically motivated is nonsense. Horowitz could not make that link only because nobody he interviewed admitted to it.

  5. Swalwell is dangerous for this country and its values. I don’t understand why he was even voted in. His thoughts and ideas are communistic. He is a liar just like A.Schift. Anytime you see Schift you will see Swalwell nose right behind. These crooked people need to be removed from office. The damage they have done to our country is unacceptable. The faster they are removed from office, the sooner we can move on to positive accomplishments for the people of the United States. Swalwell is a bad apple. Vote him out or Recall him asap.

  6. Swalwell (Swallowswell) will never live down his gas-passing episode. Fart on, Old Boy!

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