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Shop Oakley Gift Card Program Relaunched

Press Release

by ECT

Oakley, CAThe City of Oakley is proud to relaunch an exciting Shop Oakley incentive program to support the small businesses by encouraging residents to shop locally over the upcoming fall & winter holiday season.

Approved by the Oakley City Council at their August 9, 2022 meeting, the program allocates an additional $100,000 from the City’s American Rescue Plan Act funds to support the business community and local shoppers and to boost the local economy.

Purchasers who buy gift cards in the amounts available at $25, $50, $100 and $150 through the Shop Oakley page will receive a free bonus in that same amount, essentially doubling the total e-gift card, which can be used for purchases at any participating business. The program will run until the allotted $100,000 is distributed.

The initial program launched last June was considered a great success with a total of 742 e-gift cards purchased raising the total purchasing power of $95,500 for the community.  Local businesses also reaped the benefits of this incentive. “We are very satisfied with the Shop Oakley promotion” said Richard Quadrelli, owner of Polar Bear Rolled Ice Cream. “It is an awesome program for our community. It helps out small businesses like ours. Some customers were coming in not even knowing our location. I asked them what they thought of the program, and everyone thought it was a fantastic program.”  

The e-gift cards can be purchased on the City of Oakley’s Yiftee page, which includes a list of participating merchants.  The City of Oakley continues to conduct a comprehensive outreach campaign to inform local businesses about this opportunity.

Pompei Nursery (4701 Main St), Oakley Chiropractic (3478 Main St), and Mabuhay Market (4510 Main St) recently joined the program, and there is still time for local business owners to sign up to participate in the Shop Oakley program.

The cards purchased can be redeemed at any participating Oakley business.  The digital gift cards allow customers to split the original and bonus portions to keep for themselves or gift to others via text or email.

Instructions for how to purchase the card and how to become a participating merchant are online at https://app.yiftee.com/gift-card/city-of-oakley–ca-oakley.

Gift card holders are encouraged to check back frequently to see the expanding merchant list.

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