Senator Glazer Brings Pushup Challenge to Oakley Calling Attention to Veterans’ Suicides


On Saturday, Senator Steve Glazer (D-Orinda) was in Oakley for Day 10 of his 22-days, 22-pushups a day challenge.

Steve Glazer Pushup Challenge Oakley 3He was joined at the Oakley Veterans Memorial by Vanessa Perry, Oakley City Councilwoman and Board Member of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention–also chair of the Out of the Darkness Walk.

They were joined by Oakley Mayor Kevin Romick, Councilwoman Sue Higgins, Oakley Police and others.

Since June 23, Senator Glazer began the awareness campaign that reflects the fact that 22 American veterans, on average, commit suicide every day. Participants commit to do 22 pushups for 22 days as a way to drive home the significance of the suicides, but also to emphasize that veterans are important members of our community whose well-being requires continued care and attention.

Upcoming Dates:

  • July 3 @ 4pm – Mape Memorial Park, 11711 Mape Way, Dublin, CA 94568
  • July 4 @ 8:30am – Danville Parade, Hartz Avenue at Diablo Road


  1. Glazer, you are two faced!  I’m a veteran, disabled, and all you do is a few sissy push ups to bring awareness that vets commit suicide.   Your a joke, do something useful like fight for a COLA for us veterans.  Write a bill that who streamline Veterans to mental heath facilities, which will extremely help veterans in desire need.  Quit giving our money to tefugees, you treat them better than our veterans and all americans.

    If you are so pro military and so concerned, why do you write so many bills against our 2nd Amendment?   You have taken an Oath, moron, to protect our constitutional rights.  I spent 15 + years in the military and taken an Oath to protect those rights and I did!

    You lack leadership,  the favor for the Democratic party this month is Gun Control.  Did you miss the headlines, it was ISIS that committed that horrific shooting.  Let’s see, we can’t stop illegal drugs, we can’t stop human trafficking,  we can’t stop illegals, so I get it.  If it is illegal it to much work and we might hurt someone’s fellings.  Thus, us democrats will attack on law abiding citizens and infringe on their constitutional rights.

    Glazer, be a leader and if it’s illegal kick butt, don’t worry about your democrat buddies and how they feel – do your job – period!

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