Oakley: Vietnam Veteran Assaulted During Break-in


On Wednesday night, July 20th, at 10:28 p.m., Oakley PD received a call from a witness who reported seeing and talking to a victim of an assault.

The witness stated the victim suffered an injury to his head after being hit with a blunt object inside his home in the 700 block of Solitude Drive. Oakley Police personnel arrived within minutes and quickly established a perimeter to capture the suspect who had been described as a black male, 6’ tall, skinny build with dread locks.

A short time later the above suspect was seen running and jumping fences through the backyards of Solitude Drive. Oakley PD officer(s) ultimately captured the suspect on Harvest Circle.

The suspect has been identified and booked at the Martinez Detention Facility as Chaunse Jackson, 23 years old with bail initially calculated at $330,000. Charges include assault with deadly weapon, burglary, robbery, obstructing law enforcement, battery with serious bodily injury.

The victim remains in guarded condition with surgery scheduled this morning. He is expected to survive his injuries.

According to sources close to the victim, the suspect reportedly gain access into the victims home after breaking a window and struck the victim in the head with possibly a hammer. The victim suffered several fractures to the scull and bleeding from the brain.

Police say the investigation is ongoing and Oakley PD Detectives are trying to establish a motive and/ or any association with the victim and the suspect.

Oakley PD encourages any witnesses or persons who may have additional information to contact the PD at 625-8060.


  1. What a cowardly individual for assaulting a Vietnam Vet. He should be ashamed of himself for picking on an elder individual. Glad to hear that the Vet is recovering.

  2. He was a black male? NO Way!! It’s the Vietnam Veterans fault cuz Black LIES Matter!!

  3. Figures. All these damn protest for black lives matter and who are the ones committing heinous crimes. So sick of all of it.

  4. Shocking a black man committed this crime. I’m so sick of all these Black Lives protests when statistically black males are the ones committing these heinous crimes. So over all of it.

  5. Are you saying that black people are genetically predisposed to violence? What are you really saying?

    And don’t forget that you’re also 58 times more likely to be killed by a cop than by a terrorist simply by living in the United States.

    I hope you don’t suffocate with your head that far up your sphincter for so long, RJB! ?


  6. If you’re killed by a cop, you probably had it coming. Cooperate with the police, and you won’t end up in that situation. The truth hurts.

    • What actually hurts is how much smoke your blowing up the rectum of the status quo. I too am pro law enforcement, but to say that all who have died at the hands of the police “had it coming” is not only inaccurate but rather freightening. It’s folks with subservient minds like yourself that will look on in glitter-eyed awe as America continues to slip further down into the teeth of its omnipotent militarized police machine. It’s folks like you that pave the way to total police control. You should be ashamed.

      • So let’s dismantle the police and leave terrorist alone, since that’s the case! Dumb liberal logic . They want the cops gone so they can keep committing crimes without repercussions . Blacks kill each other 93%percent of the time, not to mention the fact black males die from being infected by HIV more then any other race but yeah let’s protest the 3 percent of time we are killed by cops, and the fact almost every time we fought and resisted arrest or had a weapon! Pro-Cop is the biggest idiot, you can tell it’s that guy TOM!!

      • I’m LAW ABIDING. There’s a big difference. Keep making excuses. You’re as bad as the criminals. You’re not pro-cop. You’re pretending to be, and I’m not buying it.

        • Nick, you’re such a good lil boy always doing what you’re told. I honestly can’t tell if I’m chatting with a human being or a muzzled sheep on a leash. Have fun patting yourself on the back now.

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