Oakley: Vehicle Crash Shuts Down Laurel Road


At 5:18 am Sunday, a two vehicle crash shut down Laurel Road and Rose Ave in the City of Oakley after a reported head-on crash.

Upon arrival, Oakley Police and East Contra Costa Fire Protection District located two patients sustaining moderate injuries. A medical helicopter was requested, however, was later cancelled in favor of ground transport.

According to preliminary information, it appears one of the drivers fell asleep at the wheel. It is unknown at this time if alcohol or drugs played a factor in this crash.

The police department was waiting on tow trucks to be able to clear the roadway.

No further information as provided.


  1. Were these two vehicles which crashed AMBULANCES? If not, why would the two people involved be referred to as “PATIENTS.” The ONLY time someone is referred to as a PATIENT is if they are in a hospital or are paying an office visit to their physician. Any other time, they are simply PEOPLE!

    • I know what you mean. Not only is referring to people involved in a crash as “patients” incorrect, it’s also pretty damned annoying! I’m a nurse and I always have to correct people who do that.

  2. You know how annoying both of you sound?

    -Oh…my…gah…Debra! These people need to get educated on the word patient. Ugh…

    Well look it here….If I am receiving medical treatment by a certified person then I am a patient. Now get your crying butts out of here and watch General Hospital.

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