Oakley: Two Trailers, Boat Destroyed in Backyard Fire

Photo by Michael Pohl

At 12:14 pm Friday, East Contra Costa Fire Protection District responded to a report of a fire in a backyard coming from a home in the 4600 block of Live Oak Avenue in the City of Oakley.

While responding, it was reported that a loud column of smoke was visible from units responding from both the City of Antioch and the City of Brentwood.

Upon arrival, Battalion Chief 5 Jeff Burris reported that two trailers were on fire along with several other recreational vehicles threatened in the backyard.  The fire, however, was not threatening any structures.

Ultimately, firefighters limited damages to the two trailers, a boat, and several other items surrounding the area. No injuries were reported.

According to Oakley Police, at least 1 person was living in a trailer on the property when the fire started. The property had several other trailers in the backyard.

No other information was available at scene.

This is now the second trailer fire in two days as Contra Costa County Fire Protection District firefighters battled a trailer fire on Thursday in the downtown area.


  1. Pictures look like this is a dump more than a back yard. What’s code enforcement doing??

    • It’s California. Code Enforcement would be infringing on someone’s right to create a dump-like environment and live in it. Hence, no code enforcement. Mind you, this places others at risk, but that isn’t as important as allowing people the freedom to whatever they want. Sad what this state has become.

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