Oakley: Transient Man Arrested in Connection With Burglaries, Stolen Firearms

Photo provided by Oakley Police

The Oakley Police Department announced they have arrested a 23-year-old man in connection with a series of residential burglaries in the City of Oakley.

Photo by Oakley Police

Police say in one of the crimes that occurred on January 4, a resident on Walnut Drive left their vehicle unlocked in front of their home. At some point during the night, the suspect entered the car and took a garage door opener and other items. Later that night, the suspect returned

Later in the night, the suspect returned to the home with the garage door opener and used it to open the garage door, while the family slept inside the home.  The suspect was able to gain access to the garage of the home and removed several items, including a firearm.  The suspect left the scene and the family discovered the entry the next day

In the second crime, which occurred on January 7 on Amador Avenue where a resident returned home and found their front door unlocked—per the resident, the home was locked when they left an hour earlier.

Police say when the residents entered the home, they found indications the home had been searched.  They exited the home and telephoned police. Oakley police learned that property, including several firearms, had been removed from the home by the suspect(s).

Based on images obtained by surveillance videos, police were able to identify the suspect and associate him with several locations in the city. Upon searching for the suspect at known locations, on January 12, officers were able to locate and recover several firearms that had been stolen from the homes. Police also located additional firearms and drugs.

Daniel Zaragoza, 23 years old, an Oakley transient, was booked at the jail where he remains in custody. Investigators will be meeting with the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office on Monday to keep him in custody.

Police say they have linked Zaragoza to multiple burglaries and he is also being investigated in connection to burglaries in the Almond Drive neighborhood.

Anyone with information on this investigation is asked to contact OPD Investigators at [email protected]


  1. Lock up your fucking guns in your house!!!! You assholes ruin gun rights for everyone because you leave you guns laying around and aren’t being responsible. Why would you not lock your guns if you are not home?!?!?

  2. This is why you lock your vehicles all the time and this is why you DON’T ever leave your garage door opener in your car that you park outside. All you’re doing is inviting these tweakers to rob you. On top of that, the residents failed again by not changing the garage door opener code. They invited them over again to get robbed again! Pretty stupid of the sending another invitation to the tweaker. All he had to do click the garage door opener and voila! Free rain on your garage and now some firearms were taken?! Just leave your cars and homes open and put a sign out front letting everyone know that they can take whatever they want. Dumb ass naive residents are 50% to blame because they welcomed the tweaker to their house a second time. Good job Oakley PD for finding and arresting this local tweaker.

  3. Good job getting this creep, Oakley PD! I’m glad you caught him! Now make sure the DA keeps him locked up for a very long time!

  4. So who still has the garage remote stuffed up there behind the visor? Even people who see this and know that this happens will leave the remote up there hoping no one will see it. Same issue for people leaving things in the car overnight knowing full well that the neighborhood is full of people going from one end to the other checking every car door and removing anything that can be lifted out of the cars. It’s happened to everybody else, and it will happen to you, too, if you take these chances.

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