Oakley: Toddler Airlifted After Suffering Head Injury


At 6:18 pm Saturday, a medical helicopter landed on Neroly Road in Oakley to airlift a 3-year-old fall victim who became unconscious while enroute to a local hospital.

The fall occurred on Bethel Island Road near Stone Road where the juvenile hit their head at a restaurant. AMR arrived on scene and loaded up the patient for transport.

“AMR was enroute with the patient when the child became unresponsive. The AMR Paramedic decided to pull over and request a medical helicopter,” said Battalion Chief Jeff Burris.

Oakley Police was requested to shut down Neroly Road at Live Oak to allow the helicopter to land.

No further information was provided.


    • Wow really. I’m his aunt and his grandpa isn’t happy with your comment. He’s worth every penny. Do you have kids? Cuz if you did, you wouldn’t saying that. I hope to god you don’t ever need To be airlifted cuz then you wouldn’t have to worry about the bill instead of your life on the line. You’re an asshole to say that. That’s my nephew and he’s worth it. I’d rather make payments on that bill than lose my nephew cuz they took the freeway.

      His grandpa says ” I’m his grandpa, you’re a cold hearted piece of shit. I’d like to help you need a airlifted ambulance. I can tell you have no kids and one loves you. Have a nice day you piece of shit”

  1. I’d hate to be one of your family members Captain Piece of $shit! Prayers to this child & family of.

  2. The child is my beautiful grandson. He is fine now. I thank God for all the responders whose only concern was saving my grandson. Sorry captain. They weren’t concerned about who would be paying for it. God bless America. I feel pretty lucky that the captain wasn’t calling the shots Saturday night.

  3. As this child’s grandmother, I’m glad the captain wasn’t calling the shots this night. It’s nice to live where emergency responders are more concerned about the people they save than $$$. My grandson is doing very well now for those of you that aren’t the captain. Thanks for your concern.

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