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Oakley to Terminate HALO Lease in Favor of AMR?

by ECT

There is a very interesting discussion item set for this Tuesday at the Oakley City Council Meeting as they will consider termination of the lease with Homeless Animals Lifeline Organization (HALO) who are renting the old fire station on 2nd Street over the drama that has played out after the ousting of former president Tamera Reed.

It was brought to the Councils attention during the last council meeting that the organization is no longer meeting requirements of the lease which is grounds for dismissal.   Both Tamera Reed (who signed the original lease) and Wayne Sanderson (new president) have provided emails to city staff stating their positions which are included in the staff report. A copy of the Lease Agreement is also included.

What is interesting about the staff report is AMR (American Medical Response) may be a viable option to replace HALO should the council decide to go that direction.

According to the staff report it states:

“There appears to be an opportunity for another group to provide animals services at the facility, or another user could be found. AMR (ambulance provider) has approached Staff about possible locations in Oakley and for one of its response units, and is, at the date of this report, evaluating its possible needs for a fixed location for its operations around Oakley.  Other users could be sought and/or a portion or all of the property could be set up as Downtown parking pursuant to the Downtown Specific Plan.

While AMR is obviously a fabulous replacement choice, the need for a pet adoption housing facility like HALO current provides is also needed. Another group could easily come in and pick up where HALO left off since I think it’s time to end the HALO drama as this is a giant waste of staff time over consistent bickering.  While AMR negotiations are in the early exploratory stages, if they are willing to come in much higher rent agreement than HALO’s current $100 or $500 rent, give them first crack since you do not want any “gifting of public funds” which could be a nightmare.

If AMR doesn’t work out, I’d suggest getting a similar organization into the old fire house (preferably run by Tamera Reed) so it can continue business as usual under another name while being an asset to the community.

Here is the full staff report which is an interesting read in itself.

text5_2 HALO – Consideration of Termination of Lease Agreement

1.  Summary and Recomendations

2.  Copy of Lease Agreement

3. email from former President Tamera Reed.


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