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Oakley to Brand Itself as Wine and Water Community

by ECT

Apparently, the City of Oakley is going to potentially re-brand itself to be more of a “wine and water” community. I wanted to bring attention to this topic as it will be discussed at tomorrows City Council meeting as the logo samples are included in the staff report.

The full City Council Agenda is available on the City website

Summary and Background
Through the most recent community strategic planning process there emerged an
increasing interest on a “wine and water” branding for Oakley. The recent planting of
dozens acres of new vines throughout the community has also brought greater interest
and awareness of Oakley’s role in the wine industry of northern California. Another step
in line with the “wine and water” theme is the consulting agreement to develop an
“Agricultural Conservation and Viticulture Program” that the City Council has recently

An additional next step could be some evaluation of the City’s logo to determine if some
adjustments could be made to include a wine and/or water theme. Another option is to
maintain the existing logo for City letterhead and other formal uses, but develop a new
logo for the viticulture program.

Attached are the variations of the existing City logo and a document that includes some
examples of logos from other entities that incorporate a viticulture theme. Also attached
are a couple of rough logo ideas that continue to keep the current City logo’s oak leaf,
but add a clump of grapes and use an alternative typeface. These all are to just provide
some general ideas to help kick off the discussion of possible adjustments to the logo.
Hiring a graphic artist/logo consultant is a possible approach to take the various ideas
that are generated and come up with three or four alternatives. These alternatives could
then be voted on by the community through the City’s website. Another approach could
be to solicit ideas and input through a logo development contest with the “winner’s”
proposal receiving some sort of cash prize ($300?). It is likely that this selected logo
would still need some refinements that a graphic artist could perform. Any change in
logo would be approved by the City Council.

Fiscal Impact
Undetermined. Graphic artist services could cost between $1,500 and $5,000,
depending on the number of options and revisions needed for the project. A potential
cash prize for a logo development contest could be $300 and another $300 or so in
Staff time for the contest.

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Chuck Varnado Sep 24, 2012 - 7:24 am

Cool! Maybe we can open rehab centers to treat all the drunks we attract!!!! Oakley, the Gateway to Wino’s and Water….

Dick Ahern Sep 27, 2012 - 8:53 am

I can appreciate the extensive vineyards tucked away in Oakley that are grown to supply wineries located elsewhere but I am not sure how branding the growing of grapes enhances the city’s image. I think the operation of tasting rooms that provide the final products to the public would serve a tangible connection between the grape and the glass. I can envision a tasting center located in the remodeled downtown area where all the wineries that use Oakley-grown grapes can serve and sell their wines. Such a venue could promote not only area’s viticulture but additional aspects that the city wishes to advertise.

Dick Ahern Sep 27, 2012 - 9:17 am

Today was my introduction to your blog. It certainly serves as a much needed network for exchanging info and ideas about Oakley. Kudos to you Burk. Reading the candidates forum Q&A, I learned that the city already approved a wine tasting facility and is searching for a location in the downtown area. So my comment earlier about connecting the grape and the glass was well placed.

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