Oakley: School Bus Strikes Parked Car at O’Hara Park School

Photo provided by Oakley Police

The Oakley Police Department is reporting that on Friday afternoon, officers were called to O’Hara Park School for an accident involving a school bus and a parked car.

The bus was pulling into the drop-off line and struck a parked car. There were four children on the school bus at the time of the collision and none of them suffered any injuries.

Police said CHP Officers were called to the scene to complete a report and an investigation about the accident.

No further information was released.

Information provided by the Oakley Police Department



  1. No surprise, the way people drive around all schools, Oakley, Brentwood,Knightsen, it’s understandable. Always in a hurry and me first. Parking in no parking areas, U turns over double yellow, stopping anywhere to “dump” off their children, traffic, intersections, it’s awful how parents drive around schools. No doubt that this vehicle was in the bus zone. Oh well, until law enforcement cites at schools nothing will change. Blame the parents!! Oh, and the school districts for creating these situations. How about reducing school traffic by putting all students back on the bus. Simple.

  2. Parents fault, uh no! Bus drivers fault! Fckn school bus drivers are the worst! They always think that they’re driving their own vehicle and are always in a hurry. Only a dumb driver hits a parked car.

  3. I would entertain that idea but I’m not attracted to bus drivers. Obviously with her long comment, she was the one driving that bus.

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