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Oakley School Board Candidates Earn Endorsements

by ECT

The Oakley Union Teachers’ Association (OUTA) and California State Employees Association Chapter 433 (CSEA) officially endorse Lisa Brizendine and Larry Polk for Oakley School Board.

Lisa is a veteran classroom teacher and technology specialist, and Larry is a retired school accounting official who currently serves as an incumbent with a proven track record of fiscal responsibility. Both are long-time community members whose children attended Oakley schools.

Lisa and Larry will invest where it counts–in recruiting and retaining highly qualified teachers and support staff, and implementing cutting edge educational technology in the classroom.  They are committed to making sure our students have the resources they need to thrive in today’s global economy.  They will direct needed resources to help invest in classroom technology so that all students become well prepared to attend high school, college and enter the workforce after they graduate.

Both Lisa and Larry believe strongly in collaboration between all stakeholders to make improvements and real gains in the teaching and learning environments in our schools.  Lisa and Larry believe that we must bring administrators, teachers, parents, and school board members together to secure the future for Oakley’s students.

Please join your local teachers and support staff in voting for Lisa Brizendine and Larry Polk on November 8th or by mail.

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