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Oakley: Retired Piedmont Officer Defends Wife, Shoots Son in Self-Defense

by ECT
Oakley Police

On June 29 at approximately 8:00 am, the Oakley Police Department responded to the 3800 block of Mission Court for a report of a shooting that had just occurred.

Upon arrival, police found a father providing care to his adult son who was bleeding from his head. The father is identified as 52-year-old retired Piedmont Police Officer, who is currently a reserve officer for Piedmont. The son was identified as a 21-year-old resident of the home with a history of psychiatric issues.

The retired officer told Oakley Police investigators that he, his wife and his son were home together. He heard his son physically assaulting his wife in another room of the house. He described that there have been several prior incidents in which his son has assaulted his mother and father, including one recent assault where a bludgeoning weapon was used. Fearing that a weapon was one again involved, he armed himself with a handgun to defend his wife against the assault.

Police say the man saw his son physically assaulting his wife. He then shot his son once to end the assault. He then administered first aid and care while 911 was called.

Paramedics arrived and provided the son with elevated level of care and transported him to a local hospital for treatment where it was determined that the gunshot wound was not life-threatening. The son has since been discharged from the hospital.

The man was detained by police and transported to the police station where he cooperated with the investigation and surrendered all firearms in his possession which were determined to be lawfully registered.

Oakley Police investigators consulted with the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office regarding this case. Due to the apparent issue of defense of others and self-defense, and informed filing decision would necessitate an analysis of each of the prior incidents and require a detailed statement describing each incident from the son. Given that the son was undergoing emergency medical treatment, and the fact the retired officer did not pose a threat to public safety, the decision was made to release the man from custody pending the necessary further investigation.

Once completed, the entire investigation will be presented to the District Attorney’s Office within the next few days and a charging decision will be made at that time.

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