Oakley Reminds Residents Fireworks are Illegal


The City of Oakley reminds residents that as we approach the 4th of July Holiday, that fireworks are illegal to possess, use, or sell.

Report violators by submitting a photo and the address to OPD @ci.oakley.ca.us. There is a fine of up to $1,000 if caught with fireworks.

The remind residents to please be considerate of vets, pets, and fire danger!

Within Contra Costa County, fireworks are illegal across the entire County and with dry conditions, local fire departments remind people they put homes and families at risk with high fire danger.


  1. What about PITTSBURG?
    They have been setting them off all night for the last 2 weeks!
    Last night at 1 am!!
    These are not small firecrackers!
    I guess anything goes these days as the police can’t do anything.

    • Oh, the cops can do a lot of things, but many chicken out. I’ve called the cops and they came out and had a little talk with the culprits. However, what really worked is letting my two Presa Canario dogs, each weighing at 150+ lbs, loose on the culprits and you should have seen those guys haul ass back to their houses or cars. It was funny as hell to watch. Haven’t seen those two in days now. ROFLMAO!

      • Hey Zack! Could I borrow your 155+ pound Presa Canarios for a little while? I would love to let them loose to chase a total jerk here who thinks he can disrupt the neighborhood with no consequences.

  2. As always the burdon of proof is on the state/city to prove you violated the Law….
    -so merely a picture of an address will not hold up to in Court.
    They must charge an individual with a crime, an address cannot commit a crime.

    REMEMBER: “Beyond a reasonable doubt” is the standard City of Oakley

    On the 4th of July, I will Celebrate my Countries independence how I see fit.

    • How many ” countries” independence will you be celebrating? Swaziland? Botswana? New Zealand? Personally, I will celebrate my COUNTRY’S independence with a barbecue and a beer and a lousy baseball game.

      • Hey Loveable! If that was addressed to me, then I’m going to tell you that I’m not celebrating ANY country’s independence even though my ancestry goes back to the American Revolutionary War. I have respect to the people around me and those who are suffering from PTSD and the pets people try to protect from this intrusive and annoying racket. Most people don’t give a rat’s ass about this country’s “independence” celebration but set off fireworks strictly to annoy people and to blow themselves or their limbs up.

        Now, the statue of the composer of the national anthem (Francis Scott Key) has been torn down and “The Star-Spangled Banner” might be history because the third phrase celebrates slavery. So, maybe it will be replaced with “America, the Beautiful” which doesn’t have the lyrics, “… and the rockets red glare ….. the bombs bursting in air” will be HISTORY!

    • My, Jaime! You’re dim! But that’s no surprise! Who said anything about addresses committing a crime! Sweet Jesus! Drop the taco! You’re obviously too dim to understand that it’s the INDIVIDUALS we videotape and their actions which will be carefully considered. A lot of this will be handled “on the street” — if you get my drift!

  3. If some asshole lights up fireworks of any kind anywhere in my neighborhood. I have a 30-06 I will take along to visit them. I’m tired of this shit!

  4. Loving all the local firework displays, great to see the lights in the sky and the booms are not that loud like professional fireworks. Keep them coming, gotta show our pride for the incoming 4th of july!!!!

    • Stove! Admit it! You don’t give a rip about our country’s independence. Maybe you could celebrate alone with someone tossing two M80’s into your bedroom and watch you run in circles.

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