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Oakley: Rachelle LeMoine Fundraiser

by ECT

Stonecrest Lending, with the help of Black Bear Diner are offering their support for an Oakley resident Rachelle LeMoine.

In August of 2012,Rachelle, her husband Clint and her family welcomed the birth to her third baby boy, Kayde.  A few days afterwards, Rachelle experienced headaches unlike any she had ever had.

These headaches went on for a month and were first thought to be caused by the Spinal she was given but a CT scan later revealed a brain tumor.


  1. Purchase a $10 ticket for NY Steak Sandwhich and Potato Salad redeemable on Nov. 15 2012 between 5-8pm at Black Bear Diner
  2. Buy a Raffle Ticket
  3. Direct Donations. Cash or Check for any amount. Make checks out to “Community Cares”. You can drop the donation off: Stonecrest Lending, 2005 C Main Street, Oakley, CA and a TAX ID will be provided.

For more information, contact Stonecrest Lending at (925) 625-1471

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