AD-11: Voters Should Reject Mike Hudson on Election Day


The Daily Republic in Fairfield picked up the story of Assembly District 11 Candidate  Mike Hudson refusing to pay his former campaign manager Rodney Stanhope. While the paper put out a decent overview, Mr. Stanhope is not the only one who has not been paid which I have copies of three other invoices to other workers on the Hudson campaign. These range from $500 to $4,500.

If someone were to report this to the FPPC, by simply not reporting Stanhopes and others as debt, he would get nailed for not claiming the known debt. From my count, there is at least nine possible FPPC violations from the campaign.

As far as Michelle Connor goes, she admitted their was a dispute which means it still should have been reported. As for, Hudson’s quote towards the bottom of the email, I have his response to Rodney Stanhope which shows he was lying to the paper because he did review the substance in the email and stated he would get advise from his lawyer.

By not paying his debt, Mr. Hudson appears to be somewhat of a hypocrite running on fiscal conservative values. If he doesn’t want to pay his own campaign debt down, why would anyone think he could fix Sacramento? What kind of person hires people to work for them, the staff does its job leading him to 1st place in the primary, then he refuses to pay? This guy doesn’t deserve anyone’s support with this type of behavior.

Then, there is a rumor about illegal ferret’s Mike Hudson has as pets.  I cannot confirm this, but this is something to look into as Mr. Hudson made a post a few months back as to wanting to change the state law–now it appears this is for his own personal gain.

As if this was not enough bad news, then their is Mr. Hudsons 118% pay raise he gave himself as one of his fist acts after being elected to the Suisun City Council while its been reported Mr. Hudson likes to travel on the taxpayers dime. The Daliy Republic reported back in May that during his five years on the Suisun City Council he has amassed $33,581.32 in CASA trips. Suisun taxpayers could’ve sent him to a four-year college for a BA for that money.

Hudson’s track record stinks during this campaign and he should be rejected on Tuesday as he is preaching one thing and his actions show another.


Via Daily Republic

FAIRFIELD — A rift has developed between a local candidate for state Assembly and his former campaign manager.

Rodney Stanhope served as Mike Hudson’s campaign manager leading up to the June primary run.

Hudson’s current campaign manager, Michelle Kilmer-Conner, said she returned to the campaign in March and took over the campaign May 1. She confirmed Friday that there is a dispute between Stanhope and the Hudson campaign, but downplayed its significance.

“To me it’s intramural dirty politics,” she said.

Hudson, a Republican and vice mayor of Suisun City, seeks the new 11th Assembly District seat in Tuesday’s election. He faces Oakley City Councilman Jim Frazier, a Democrat. Hudson and Frazier were the top two candidates, respectively, in the June primary.

At issue is several thousand dollars in billings from Stanhope’s company in Placerville, Space Promotions, to Hudson and the campaign for work the campaign manager said was done on the campaign.

The largest invoice is for $30,000. It details billing for work performed from October 2011 through the June primary. It reflects $4,400 in payments and credits, with a balance of $25,600. Three separate billings, all with Thursday dates on them, total $7,200 for various work. The time when the work was to have been performed is not noted in the invoices.

Stanhope said Friday that the three smaller invoices are for work done by other campaign staff members who have not yet been paid.

Hudson, when contacted Friday, said Stanhope left the campaign in April. Hudson said he had not reviewed the substance of email communication he has received from Stanhope. Hudson questioned the timing of the release of information about the dispute, coming as it did days before Tuesday’s election.

Stanhope disputes the timing of his departure from the campaign. He said the situation may lead to legal action after the election.

Heather Ah San and Danny Bernardini contributed to this report. Reach Glen Faison at 427-6925 or [email protected] Follow him on Twitter at



  1. Burk, you crack me up! This is all stuff you have mentioned in the past and it appears the other papers are finally picking up some of it. Illegal ferrets? What the heck is that about? Why you are not someones campaign manager is beyond me. I’d hire you!

  2. @ Carol, you fell for this planted story? Really? Not a fan of either candidate, but I am less a fan of political “stunts”.

    …..Just Sayin…..

  3. I am flipped, anyone who is not paying their bills and preaches conservative values is out. I am not gonig to vote in this race.

  4. This is the most atrocious piece of writing I’ve seen in a long while. Glen Faison needs to go back to school to learn some grammar and punctuation rules.
    Aside from that, ferrets? Really?
    Mr. Faison, you’re not only ignorant, you’re petty.

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