Update: Oakley Police “Crack” Porch Pirate Case


The Oakley Police Department are asking for the help in locating a suspect in a package theft that occurred Friday on Chianti Way in the City of Oakley.

Police provided an unflattering photograph of a suspect where their pants hung a little to low and you can see their crack.

Police were notified of a strange vehicle in the neighborhood after a neighbor observed the driver walk up to a porch and pick up a package and return to the car. The neighbor confronted the female driver, who replied that the home belonged to her grandparents (not true). The driver then got into the car (CA License 6XFF451) and drove away. As the driver was leaving, the neighbor quickly snapped photos of the driver and her car.

Police responded to the incident and were unable to locate the vehicle.

Oakley Police say the packages that were taken off of the porch were the Christmas gifts for the children at the home and had been left 20 minutes prior.

The identified car comes back as not registered. We are looking for help from members of the community in locating this vehicle and the person who stole the packages.

If you can help us identify the suspect or locate the vehicle, please contact the OPD Tip Line at [email protected].

Oakley Police say that a suspect has been arrest and is in custody. All of the property has been recovered and will be returned to the homeowner.


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