Oakley Police Seek Suspect Vehicle ID in Reckless Driving Hit and Run

Photo provided by Oakley Police

The Oakley Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance in identifying a vehicle involved in a hit and run on March 27.

The incident occurred in the parking lot north of the intersection of Norcross and Main Street, Upon arrival, Officers found out that the driver of a vehicle had lost control of their car while driving recklessly and had struck a parked car.

According to police, officers learned the reckless driver then fled the scene. Officers checked nearby businesses and we able to obtain several images of the suspect vehicle. Officers are seeking assistance from members of the community in identifying the driver and the vehicle involved in the crime.

The vehicle is a dark-colored Ford Mustang, with a modified hood. The vehicle likely has significant damage to the front passenger-side of the vehicle.

Anyone with information about the identity of the driver or the vehicle is asked to contact OPD Officers at [email protected]

Photos provided by Oakley Police


  1. Why is this traffic accident with no injuries getting so much exposure? Who’s car was struck? Far worse losses have occurred with solid video footage but police want the victim to file an online report and then maybe a follow up officer visit if details are lacking. Someone is getting special police hours on this one incident.

  2. If it was your car that was hit while you had it parked in a lot, you’d appreciate any attention to the incident in order to catch the creep who took off after hitting your car.

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