Oakley Police Nab Petty Theft Suspect, Day Earlier Catch Mail Theft Suspect


On Sunday morning, the Oakley Police Department responded to a report of a petty theft at AutoZone in the 2500 block of Main Street in the City of Oakley.

According to police, they located the suspect in his vehicle traveling outside of the city limits and continued to follow the suspect until he was pulled over in the City of Antioch on E. 18th Street at Evergreen Ave.

Police say the suspect was taken into custody without incident and his vehicle was towed.

Mail Theft Suspect Arrested

On Saturday, police said they caught a subject on a bicycle with mail from approximately 25 residents and were investigating the crime. Police were able to catch the suspect after a resident was following the male in a vehicle and keeping police up to date on the suspects location. No other information was available on that incident.


  1. Petty reporting on a petty theft. Stick around long enough, you might catch a kid stealing a candy bar.

    • So theft should now be excused? Is that what you’re saying? Your comment makes no sense.

    • So, Margaret! You approve of people stealing? Is that it? Are you talking from experience? Maybe the cops should check YOU out.

    • Yup, we should have headlines for people who jay walk, litter, don’t stop at red lights/stop signs, etc. We should even build more prisons to throw them all in. We imprison more people than multiple other countries combined, and closing prisons would be symbolic of a safer society. But I’m paranoid and I call the cops on my neighbors and people in my neighborhood all the time.

  2. A theft is a theft ….. petty or not. Cut off his hands and he will never steal again! Personally, I’d shoot the bastard!

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