Oakley Police Make Arrest in Stabbing

Photo: Oakley Police Department

On Saturday at 10:30 pm, Oakley Officers were contacted by a local hospital to advise that a 53-year-old man had arrived at the hospital with a stab wound.

Upon the arrival of Officers, the man told them that he had been stabbed once in the abdomen while in the Lucky’s parking lot in the City of Oakley. The man claimed that he had not been robbed, but just approached by an unknown individual and stabbed a single time in the abdomen.

Police say the man could not provide a description of the subject who had stabbed him or any other information about the incident. Officers also had not received a call about any fights at the parking lot during the evening and a check of the area found no indications of a fight or a stabbing.

On Sunday, officers developed additional information about the stabbing and learned the story provided by the victim the night prior was not completely true. At 12:50 pm on Sunday, officers located a subject that was believed to have been involved in the stabbing incident walking on Empire Avenue. Officers contacted the subject and developed information directly linking the subject to the stabbing from the night prior. Officers learned the suspect and the victim had previously been involved in a dating relationship and the stabbing occurred at the victim’s home, not the shopping center.

Chelsea Lopez, 26, of Oakley, was taken into custody and booked at the Jail in Martinez for a variety of Felony charges related to the stabbing incident.

Police say they are now working to tie up the last leads on the case and file the case with the District Attorney’s Office. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact our investigators at [email protected].

All information provided by Oakley Police


  1. Stabbed once in the Lucky’s parking lot by a total stranger – and not robbed. Such BS. The truth will set you free. Or get you arrested.

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