Oakley Police Investigate Sunday Morning Shooting that Injures Three


Oakley Police Badge

At 1:00 am Sunday morning, Oakley Police responded to a reported shooting on Ridge Crest Court in Oakley that where three people were injured.

According to the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District, two people (ages 22 and 27) were the victim of gunshot wounds to the chest and a third patient was injured in an assault.

One patient was flown by medical helicopter and two patients were transported by ground ambulance. Engine 93 (Oakley) was on the call for nearly 4-hours.

The Oakley Police Department is currently investigating the shooting and has not released any information at this time.


  1. It is all about planning and leadership, uncontrolled, not managed HUD housing is the real problem. Many cities have HUD housing but it is well managed. The leadership in Pittsburg has been the man reason for the cities turn around.

  2. You have to admit Dale that those individuals who destroy a community eventually will leave to new free housing in another community and begin destruction all over again. To them it’s like getting a new free car. Why not. When they are done with Antioch they will go to new government subsidized houses in Oakley and so on. Sometimes helping people too much is a bad thing.

  3. I remember last night sitting with some friends in the backyard when I noticed a helicopter circling around a particular spot. I had no idea it was a shooting. What is happening to East County? The further east we come, so do the crooks and criminals.

  4. Subsidized housing does NOT blow holes in peoples’ chests. You’re trying to blame a socioeconomic status, not the weapons that launch the projectile. Apparently the location is a quiet cul-de-sac where this kind of stuff “isn’t supposed to happen”.

  5. Where section 8 goes so does the crime, they destroy every city they live inlike a cancer

    • So it’s all Section 8 beneficiaries that destroy a community and are lazy gun-totin’ losers? What about those who have disabilities and are not able to work? A woman who had a brain tumor at age 11 and is half paralyzed as an adult? employers are unwilling to hire her due to her asymmetrical level of ability. Do you blame her for the three people shot?

      A friend of mine lives a few houses away from the shooting and it is not one of “those Section 8 neighborhoods”. What then, can we blame the shooting of three people on? Since we can’t blame the shooter or the gun that projected the bullets we must turn to blame those less fortunate in our community. Wealthy people don’t fire guns at people, but poor people do?

      Why aren’t we going so far as celebrating the shooter for upholding their 2nd Amendment rights, and maybe even blame those who were shot? Maybe they were poor people who needed to be removed from the community, so the rest of us “wealthy” people feel better about ourselves? Is that what this is all about?

  6. Section 8 is a load of crap. The people on it are going to commit crimes on it or off it. Get rid of it. Build four big walls around sycamore round up all the garbage and throw them in and never let them out problem solved. If that’s the way they want to live they should have a designated sh*t hole to live in.

    • The shooting didn’t happen around Sycamore. You’re suggesting we round up all those who are not as fiscally elevated as you are, and eliminate them like a turd? Wealthy whitefolk don’t shoot people in chests? Why is this shooting becoming a mud-slinging rally against po’ folk? What if we learn that the shooting occurred in a “nice white neighborhood”, and it was the homeowner who was fighting a home invasion? Would we call the homeowner a Section 8er simply because a firearm was discharged?

      You internet armchair crime investigators lack the objectivity and skills to actually determine the cause of the crime, so the only thing you are conveying is that you’re bigoted and are not willing to wait for the details of a crime before you rush to judgement. Just because you have a laptop and access to the internets doesn’t make you a qualified crime solver. Now get off the couch and go to work, so you don’t draw on the taxes I pay to support your livelihood!

      • The shootings are everywhere whether there is Section 8 or not. All over the country. It is the product of entitlement started by our very own government which
        doesn’t seem to understand it is killing people mentally and physically. When we can convince the federal government to put the skids on this we may see some progress.

        • Good perspective Julio, citizens need to get involved more in this democracy, and we *must* have a higher voter turnout. We’ve got to send a signal to those in power that we are not merely sheeple, and that we, the People, are in control.

  7. We turned the live police radio traffic scanner on on our computer when we heard the sirens so close to our home. Shortly after the incident, a description of the suspect(s), the car they were in (including license plate & the fact that several windows were shot out of the car) & the SHOOTER’S NAME were all broadcast live. They also said they had reason to believe the suspect might be heading to the Sycamore area in Antioch. Obviously, with all this info, the victims know the suspects.

    So, if several of the suspects’ car windows were shot out, was this some sort of gun battle? Also, the police know where the suspect was headed – did they catch him?

    I hate how these ‘events’ are reported by the police to the media – it scares people & causes them to live in fear. They make it seem like this was some random act of violence by an unknown shooter still on the loose – when clearly that it not the case here.

    If I had not heard all this with my own ears, I, too, would be worried that a violent criminal was still running around my neighborhood.

    • I think those who commented earlier have completed their investigation and have determined the cause or motive in the shootings was subsidized housing. The shooter(s) and weapon have nothing to do with the case. They plan to press charges against all who receive benefits from local, state, or federal sources, not limited to the unemployed, the disabled, senior citizens, veterans, and locally elected politicians.

    • Kay gee. Just curious how you know that these “events” were reported by the police. Everything I read was from the fire dept. You make it sound like the police are the problem!m here. There are often reasons that the police may not report certain details, as they may hamper the follow-up investigation. Please don’t police bash when you have no reason ( based on this blog) to do so. And by the way. You should probably be worried if people from sycamore are coming to your neighborhood and shooting it up

      • – Where did Antioch go wrong???

        I was not in any way, shape or form, ‘bashing’ the police, in fact, I think the Oakley police do a pretty fine job around here. Maybe I should’ve said “I hate how these events are reported by WHOEVER to the media”. Does that make my post a little clearer now?

        And how you concluded from my post that I think ‘the police are the problem here’ is ridiculously wrong. How the he** did you get that out of what I wrote? You certainly pulled that one straight from your a**! Time to brush up on your reading comprehension skills there, Mr. where did Antioch go wrong????

        The problem here is someone shooting someone else.

        I was simply stating that the way things are sometimes reported, (by WHOEVER gives the media the info), can often lead people to the wrong conclusion. If I hadn’t heard the radio traffic, but instead, only knew the facts as they were printed in the paper, I would be scared that an unknown attempted murderer might be roaming around nearby.

        • Kay gee .
          I’m glad you corrected yourself. You had time to read what you wrote and realized that you did blamed the police for reporting that stuff to the media. You also wrote that this makes people scared and live in fear. If I comprehend correctly you are once again blaming the police for putting fear in people. You further say that the police make it look like a random act of violence by an unknown shooter who is still on the loose, when clearly that is not the case. If I comprehend right, you are accusing the police of spreading lies about this incident. You ask me to check my comprehension skills. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that you did blame the police for reporting these events to the media. Just say that you misstated and we would have been good. Did I pull that from deep enough out of my ASS. Please don’t play me for being silly when you misstated the facts.

        • Kay gee
          I’m glad you finally read your post and decided to correct yourself. I think it is funny that you questioned my post and state that I should brush up on my comprehension skills. If I comprehend correctly you wrote the first paragraph as a ststement , by listing an account of what was said on the scanner. The second paragraph you ask a questions. The third paragraph was a little tricky for me. I believe you directly said ” I hate how these events are reported by the police to media”. That sounds like blaming the police for how the story is being reported. You next state that it scares people and causes them to live in fear. If I comprehend correctly you are blaming the police for making people live in fear. You then further go on to say that the police make it sound like a random act of violence and the unknown shooter is still on the loose, “when clearly that is not the case”. Again, if I comprehend correctly you are making a stamement as of the police are lying and not telling the media the truth about what happened.

          Call me creazy but I did read all this is stuff in your post. This directly blames the police for reporting stuff that is not true and causing fear in the community. That is why I told you not to bash the police or blame them.

          I didn’t just pull those things out of my ASS. Don’t bullshit yourself and try to make a correcting after you read your post and realize you did blame the police for those things.

          • Where did Antioch go wrong??

            You are a fricken idiot. You are reading way more into anything/everything I said. Are you sure I didn’t forget to dot an ‘i’ or cross a ‘t’ in my post? You might want to read it again & check.

            I’ll say it again to get it thru your thick skull – I was not bashing the police, in fact, although you seem to not comprehend much, I stated that the police do a fine job in Oakley.

            You obviously have nothing better to do then put your own spin on something someone has stated. What you seem to think my post states is far, far different than what I think (and know) that my post states. How you take a statement I made (police giving info to the media) & in your twisted little mind turn that into me insinuating that ‘the police are the problem’ is pretty crazy. The problem, as I’ve said before, is someone shooting someone else.

            You really should get a life there, buddy – pick up a hobby or take the dog for a walk – anything. K? just go away.

          • Yes you did say that Oakley PD does a fine job. That was in your second post and after you corrected your first post. As I said before all you had to do is correct yourself but you went all crazy and tried to belittle me. It is okay if you did not mean what you wrote. Just say that with out the crazytown attitude. I never stated that you blamed the action of the shooting on the police. Matter of fact your first post never blames anybody for a shooting. You were complaining about how the incident was reported and the lack of information the media was given. Take a seconded and read your first post. Don’t stroke out and just check your post before you press send. Another thing, this is a blog that contains opinions and a bunch of BS from people who generally don’t know what they are talking about. Don’t take things personal and understand that people are going to read what you write and question it if they believe you are wrong. I take things serious when the are said about police officers because they take the brunt of a lot of crap that is posted on these blogs. Hope you understand why I questioned your post. If you don’t and are still angry, I’m sorry but I don’t have a dog to walk and I won’t go away.

  8. How is it that you criticize people who suggest that Section 8 brings crime ( statistical fact ), but find it appropriate to blame a gun that is an inanimate object for shooting people? Millions of free Americans legally own guns and never shoot someone and NEVER has a gun shot someone all by itself. Get a grip, it’s not the gun, it’s the person and although it is a very idealistic to take your position, it’s not realistic. You’re looking at this increase in violent crime through rose colored glasses by not acknowledging the obvious, and the only person you are fooling is yourself.

  9. I know this family personally (for 30 years) and this neighborhood is VERY nice as is their home. Kids came to a birthday party and things got out of control. Not sure why everyone is pointing toward Section 8 unless the kids that did the shooting live in Section 8 somewhere else.

    I blame today’s society of violence, lack of manner’s and absolute disrespect of human life on the culture we have become. When I was young the worse that happened was kids got into fistfights. Nobody packing weapons. It’s become very scary indeed.

  10. How many of you people live in Oakley. When we had no section 8 it was a great place to live. Now that they are letting more and more great section 8 losers in the town it is going to sh*t.

    • ?, you were too quick to assume that it was Antioch that arrived to shoot up the place, when indeed it seems that it was BRENTWOOD that arrived to shoot up the place. Oakley folks need to start fearing Brentwood citizens too, I guess. Sorry to hear you’re getting it from both sides.

      • I think some people (including myself) assumed the shooter was from Antioch because shortly after the shooting, it was stated that the shooter was believed to be headed to the Sycamore area of Antioch.

    • ?, it appears in your internet armchair investigation that you rushed to blame and convict Antioch for all yer troubles. Now it seems it was actually Brentwood folks (imagine that!) who arrived in Oakley to shoot up the place. It’s also goofy how we are still not holding the shooter (a person!) responsible, but are blaming an economic status for pulling the trigger. Nice redirection! Well played!

  11. All y’all are lesser than me in terms of net wealth, so y’all need to get fed to your starving pit bulls chained to yer transmissions in the driveway. Y’all are bringing down my property value which may impede on my ability to golf and go to Starbucks in my Cadillac Escalade.

    • Internet armchair investigator. I like it. Now I can blame Brentwood section 8. For the shooter I hope they hang him by his nuts. My redirection is a fact. low income housing=bullsh*t I pay for these piles of sh*t to have a nice free home to sit in, destroy and sell dope all day. Last thing I fear nothing. I just hope section 8 stays out of my HOOD…. Like that. Thats for all my section 8 lovers out there.

      • Oakley city staff, council members etc are responsible for those housing authority buildings, 5? 7? of them being built behind the shopping center there. Section 8 to the core. Start looking at those folks and their decisions for what the city has become.

        • Oh I have trust me. If I’m not mistaken the state is the one that makes a city have affordable housing to a certain extent. But those projects behind the shopping center are a stupid. The city of Oakley as well as Antioch are awesome city’s. Why ruin it with pieces of Sh*t I don’t get it. Maybe I do greedy government’s.

  12. Robin, unfortunately “?” is attempting to feel better about himself by knocking down anyone who is not at his self-proclaimed high socioeconimic status. Of course his being critical of all others in need (he refuses to distinguish between druggies and veterans, the disabled, and those who may have lost their homes in 2008) probably means that he’s one of those Pinko Commie Liberals fighting for a living wage so people can get *off* public assistance. “?” has already determined in his extensive Internet Crime Investigation that the Oakley neighborhood that this occurred in is one of those “Section 8 neighborhoods” that needs to be walled in, so the residents (he called “garbage”) can be caged up and destroyed. So, Robin, are your friends of 30+ years considered garbage? Should we wall up that neighborhood and never let them out? This Hitleresque bigotry is so backward in this day and age and that’s why I’m expressing frustration.

    I am simply asking people to NOT be so narrow minded as to leap to ridiculous conclusions about the shooter’s gross annual income as the single reason for the shooting. Why not wait for the actual police investigation to be completed before making judgments? Why does “?” and others suggest that Antioch has anything to do with that birthday party shooting before the facts in the case are even made public?

    Again, no discussion about -or interest in- the actual shooter, we apparently have to base our entire conclusion on something as arbitrary as zip code or area code. Apologies to the actual weapon(s) involved, I didn’t mean to hurt you in your feelings. The operator, however, should at least be considered to be somewhat relevant in this case. I am arguing that the shooter must bear some responsibility for this crime, because we cannot legally charge a socioeconomic status with attempted murder. Duh!

  13. Spencer,
    Only those who truly need it are excluded. The other 65% are the problem. I think many will agree with that.

  14. Ah! So there are two Sycamores. Maybe ? Is right, and we should discriminate and accuse based on zip code. Cheers to hate! Brentwood is safe after all!

  15. Reading comments like these makes me wonder if we should get down on our knees and praise the ghetto filth who take advantage of section 8.

    It seems that people who are pro-crime wants us to hold the ghetto filth to the same respect as a college educated doctor who works 50+ hours a week. Equally the same respect for the hard working construction worker putting in 60+ hours a week to feed his family.

    Idiots are the ones who would pull the wool over your eyes and tell you it’s raining as they pee on your back.

    • I give up. Round ’em all up and systematically shoot ’em all, then all the 4-toof falsely opulent McMansion trailer trash will be safe again. Firing squad is probably most effiecient, and those of us behind the trigger will raise a Bud Light and say a toast 4 Murica. That’s the only way, out here in east county, apparently. As long as we maintain the “Us vs. Them” state of mind we can maintain a feeling of peace as we pop holes through each other’s lungs out of fear. We can have taxidermied specimens of poor people on our fake rock mantles over our gas “fireplaces”. That’ll return the prosperity only allocated to the self-proclaimed rich, not seen since the 1950’s, and we can even cite our religious figures and idols as backing us up on that. Together we can revert to what east county (I guess) was back in the olden days before traffic signals.

      • Better yet, why not lobby to make them work? Especially the able bodied lazy people? Too many of them in Antioch make the section 8 program look very bad. Instead of a crutch, it is used as a way of life from cradle to the grave.

        There is a direct correlation to the amount of section 8 and crime in any city. Period.

        There are too many taking advantage of the section8 program. Period.

        Hard working people do not like the crime they bring in. Period.

        There are so many hypocrites out there who plead for decency, humanity, and an open mind; too bad they only see that from their perspective.

        • Well, you know what you need to do, “?” and RJB. All you Club 94561’s in your gang need to go eliminate the 94509’s…it will reduce competition, bringing you more wealth. Just be sure to pull up your pants while doing it, so you can be a good community role model. Wipe ’em out on principle alone, don’t even bother to distinguish between the “Cradle to the Grave “takers” (parasites) and those who are temporarily receiving assistance who might be between jobs, lost their life savings and home due to lack of medical insurance, or are only able to find fast food employment opportunities (also parasites, in your opinion). Oh, and don’t forget to ignore the shooter’s role in the shooting. Good luck with your “wall ’em in and let ’em rot” program.

          New idea for a reality program: “Zip Code Wars”. Go for it!

        • By the way, boys, I’m not advocating for abuse of the system, and when resources are wasted it angers me as much as it angers you. However, when people make generalized statements similar to “all poor people are bad, and they all need to be destroyed”, it really comes of as hateful, prejudiced, and lacking the objectivity in determining the cause of a crime. If there’s a double murder in Marin, or Palo Alto, do we also rush to determine the culprit as “lack of wealth”? Is it always & only poor people who commit crimes? There are plenty of wealthy bastards who engage in criminal activity as well, and I can’t believe this community has blinders on in that regard. I’ve had my share of being poor in life and have never shot anyone. Period.

          That’s it for me. This thread has been exhausting.

          • F*CK SECTION 8! I’m over it Spencer. Oh ya. Thank you RJB for seeing section 8 for what it really is like I do.

  16. Section 8 destroys communities. Maybe the good section 8 should police the bad section 8. They would have a hard time because the bad section 8 is overwhelming,

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