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Oakley Police Get Invite to Girls 5th Birthday Party

by ECT

Over the weekend, the Oakley Police Department received an invitation to a birthday party for Fallon who will be turning 5. Fallon wanted to invite all of Oakley’s police to her birthday party in October.

According to Ashley Kirchner, the invitation being delivered came about randomly after talking about it for months to go down to the police department and deliver the invitation.

“She is obsessed with officers and police work in general. So before we could go run any errands today she demanded we stop by the police department to invite them,” explained Kirchner. “I am so thankful that they would take time out of their busy schedule to stop by and accept my daughters save the date. It truly makes me love the town I live in even more!”

Kirchner says when her daughter grows up, she has narrowed down her list to be a police officer, doctor or princess.

Tami Combs-Lopez, Fallons grandmother highlighted Fallon had wanted to deliver the invitation for several months.

“She often says she wants to be a police officer when she grows up so she went to the police station to invite them today but they were all out and about busy protecting our town,” explained Lopez. “Later, the officer called her mom on her cell phone and asked if they could stop by our home around 1:00 pm. Around 1:00 pm, we received a call saying they were at a house fire but would be stopping by shortly after. They came to the house and stopped in to talk to Fallon. She was incredibly shy but gave them the save the date invite to her party. She shook their hands and took a photo with them and that really made her day.”

Lopez says the entire exchange was really cute and thankful for Oakley Police taking their time of the day to stop by the home.

“I find it very comforting and delightful that they really took the time out of their day to stop by meet Fallon and accept her invite. They said they were going to hang her save the date note in the station so all the officers new about her party,” said Lopez.

Oakley Police Sergeant Roberts highlighted they got word of the invitation while out on calls and wanted to make sure they could find a way to accept the invitation so Officers Radcliffe and Rodriquez stopped by the house on behalf of the Department.

“All of the officers look forward to the party,” said Roberts. “Needless to say, it put a huge smile on all of the officers faces.”

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Christina Marie Loyolacabral Jul 21, 2015 - 8:26 am

that is so sweet! I had an encounter with the Oakley PD.2 years ago in a very distressful situation where I was horribly in the wrong and Officer Cartwright of the Oakley PD. was so above and beyond kind and thoughtful.It turned my view of them around! And this act of sweetness just reinforces my feelings.

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