Oakley Police Chief Promoted Within Contra Costa County


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The City of Oakley has a huge hole to fill as Oakley’s Police Chief Bani Kollo has been promoted and will soon be returning to Martinez where he will fulfill the role of Captain in the Emergency Services Division.

What we appreciate most about Chief Kollo was he is tough on crime, but very fair and straight forward. Under Kollo’s leadership, Oakley has remained one of the safest cities in East Contra Costa County–earlier this year we reported that Oakley had a 16.47 property crime per 1,000. Which was less than Brentwood who was at 22.49, Pittsburg at 31.48 and Antioch  at 39.08.

Kollo will officially begin his new assignment on January 6, 2014. In the meantime, the City of Oakley has began the process of finding a replacement.

Oakley Police Chief Promoted Within Contra Costa County

As many of you may know, the City of Oakley contracts with the Sheriff’s Office for police services and recently received bittersweet news that Chief Bani Kollo, has been promoted by the Sheriffs Office from the rank of Lieutenant to Captain.

As a Captain, Kollo will return to Martinez and serve in the Emergency Services Division. 3 ½ years Kollo was selected from a group of very qualified candidates to serve as Oakley’s Police Chief, after standing out as the best fit for Team Oakley and for his obvious customer service personality.

During his tenure here, “Kollo brought a one-of-a-kind intensity to the work and has been a valuable leader in the aggressive law enforcement that we requested for Oakley- he will be missed,” states City Manager Montgomery.

Captain Kollo began his career with the Sheriff’s Office in 1991 after receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree from CSU, Sacramento. After attending the Police Academy, he was assigned to the MDF as a Custody and Classification Deputy. He transferred to County Patrol and worked out of Bay Station. He was also the first El Sobrante Resident Deputy.

In1999, Captain Kollo was selected for Investigations and assigned to Property Crimes before being promoted to Sergeant in 2001. He then returned to County Patrol. In addition, he was assigned to the San Ramon PD contract as a Patrol and Investigations Sergeant.

In 2005, Captain Kollo was selected for Internal affairs. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2006. As a Lieutenant he worked as the WCDF Commander, and the Volunteer Services Manager. Captain Kollo also spent 7 years with the MAMFF as a Squad Leader, OIC, and Logistics Lieutenant.

Captain Kollo said, “I have enjoyed the various opportunities I have had to serve within the Sheriff’s Office and especially my time as Police Chief in Oakley. Oakley is blessed with a great team of officers and other City officials that are helping to make Oakley an even better place to live.”

The City and the Sheriff’s Office will be working through potential applicants to serve as Oakley’s next Police Chief and the selection process should be complete by mid to late January.

Note: Top photo was taken during the You, Me, We = Oakley softball game to help bring the community together. Kollo pictured with Black Bear Diner’s Jimmy D’Amico.