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Oakley Police Chief Placed on Administrative Leave

by ECT

On Friday, Oakley Interim City Manager Josh McMurray confirmed that Oakley Police Chief Dean Capelletti has been placed on administrative leave.

The details surrounding the leave are not being released and McMurray directed all questions to go through the City Attorney as there is an open investigation.

Its unclear if anyone else in the police department is on leave or anyone else in the city is on leave.

At least two Oakley City Councilmembers confirmed the administrative leave, but both said they were provided no details by city staff on the reasoning behind it. They said they were informed Tuesday prior to the City Council meeting.

Chief Capelletti was sworn into the position on Sept. 28, 2020 after serving as a police captain from La Habra Police Department. He was with the police department since 2002.

Check back for updates.

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Street-Sweeper Sep 4, 2021 - 3:44 am

Put on administrative leave, but no say as to why? LOL , ok! … What are they hiding?

WHY?? Sep 4, 2021 - 3:51 pm

Enough time has past. WHY?? Us citizens deserve to know why.

Concerned citizen Sep 5, 2021 - 8:48 am

The old chief was constantly fighting with the last city manager Montgomery. So much so he quit. Then we get this guy who Montgomery likes. Montgomery is now out as city manager, then the new chief? I smell a cover up.

Ipa Sep 5, 2021 - 4:37 pm

Wow not even a year. Leaving Oakley and Antioch is just a steeping stone to something better. Trust me.

Didn’t hear it from me 🙄 Sep 5, 2021 - 8:30 pm

The old chief quit due to the fact he had several work place sexual harassment allegations against him by both officers and female support staff. He DID NOT quit because he argued with Montgomery. Montgomery left due to the fact a certain Sargent did an audit and there was a substantial amount of money missing.

Daniella Mazzei Sep 6, 2021 - 7:16 pm

love n3wabreak

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