Oakley Police Arrest Subject After Suspected Domestic Violence Call, Brief Standoff


Just before 4:00 pm Friday, the Oakley Police Department responded to a report of a domestic disturbance on Barn Dance Way in the City of Oakley with a report of a female holding a knife with blood on her.

According to Oakley Police Chief Eric Christensen, upon speaking with the woman who was only wearing a t-shirt and was bloody, officers learned a domestic violence incident occurred inside the home and the male possibly had a weapon.

Police mobilized and surrounded the house and after some time, took the suspect into custody after requesting assistance from both the Antioch Police Department and Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office who provided a drone and helicopter for an overhead view.

“We get here and interview the female and officers discover that a domestic violence incident occurred inside the residence where she was held inside the home and was able to escape,” explained Christensen.

With a helicopter and drone in the air, at that point, the suspect came outside on the balcony to hear what all the noise was which gave officers his location.

“We knew he was up there so we made entry into the garage and then into the house and take him into custody,” said Christensen who added that pepper spray was utilized inside the house but everyone was safe.

He also said that both people involved do not live at the house and are “visiting” with the female being from Las Vegas and he frequently stays at the home. The male was currently being held on Terrorist Threats and Felony Domestic Violence but additional charges could be added.

No other information was released.


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