Oakley Opens Brand New Fitness Court

Information provided by City of Oakley

Photo by City of Oakley

On Saturday, the City of Oakley helped make fitness more accessible for our residents when the ribbon was cut on a new outdoor Fitness Court, built in partnership with Bay Cities Paving, the Contra Costa Transportation Authority, GoMentum Station, and the National Fitness Campaign.

The Fitness Court is free to the public, suitable for ages 14 and over, and appropriate for all fitness levels.

This free community gym is connected to the active, vibrant Delta de Anza Regional Trail and nestled alongside the new Oakley Recreation Center, highlighting Oakley’s commitment to creating wellness opportunities for all residents. (1250 O’Hara Ave, Oakley, CA)

When cities invest in connected and healthy infrastructure, citizens are encouraged to bike and walk – getting out of their cars and back into their communities. This reduces traffic pollution and congestion on the roads in addition to the obvious health benefits of working out at this exciting new facility.

“The goal of the Contra Costa Transportation Authority is to keep Contra Costa County moving, and it has been exciting to see how Oakley has taken that concept and applied it in a way that benefits all members of our community,” said Oakley City Councilman and Contra Costa Transportation Authority Commissioner Kevin Romick. “The Fitness Court will also benefit the environment and economy of our City.”

Want some guidance for your workout? Residents can download a free Fitness Court app that will lead them through a specialized seven-minute workout via the Apple App Store here or on Google Play here or by visiting nationalfitnesscampaign.com.

The Oakley Fitness Court is part of a nationwide effort launched by National Fitness Campaign, and Oakley is teaming up with local ambassadors to connect their fitness community to free activities and experiences that encourage a healthy lifestyle.

“We’re excited to bring our campaign to make world-class fitness free for Oakley residents,” said National Fitness Campaign Founder Mitch Menaged. “Together with City of Oakley leadership team, the Contra Costa Transportation Authority, and the generous partners who helped make the Fitness Court a reality, we are happy to be part of a wellness network growing across the nation.”

National Fitness Campaign, a social enterprise founded in 1979, partners with local communities and nationwide sponsors to promote healthy infrastructure. The Fitness Court® ecosystem combines digital tools, evolving challenges and best in class equipment to create the world’s best outdoor gym experience. With original locations in 4,000 cities worldwide, a flagship installation in San Francisco and 200 new locations across the United States, National Fitness Campaign is committed to making world class fitness free for everyone.


  1. That will be littered with spray paint and people tagging their gay name. It will be trashed and a homeless encampment.

  2. No 7-11 or cigarette store??
    The oakley shitty council and that lead idiot Montgomery continue to fubar Oakley!!

  3. It is very disappointing that the only new construction on Laurel is ANOTHER 7-11 and ANOTHER AM/PM. Along with the self storage being built on East Cypress it clearly shows some poor planning on the part of Oakley administration. I believe many people are dissatisfied with the direction the city is heading in. I don’t care how many cute little fitness courts you put in; if you keep letting garbage businesses and more homes be built- just because “tax dollars” this community is going to go south fast. Oh yeah, let’s not forget the additional houses just approved over on Oakley road and Live Oak. We don’t have the infrastructure built up yet- slow down! Oakley admin needs to pause and look at (and listen to it’s constituents) its general plan and the decisions being made that the population doesn’t agree with. They’re not doing us any favors, and we pay some of the higher property taxes in the area.

  4. Yes building new houses and making your city bigger is bad. PattoShit lmao I think you should live in bethel Island and smoke more rocks

  5. PattyO, I couldn’t agree with you more!!! The last thing this city needs is more housing with no infrastructure to support it. The roads around here are already overwhelmed with traffic especially through downtown between the hours of 3 and 6 pm. The money would have been better spent putting 4 lanes of traffic going through downtown. In my opinion these city officials have wasted our tax dollars to make themselves feel good and important!

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