Oakley: Non-Injury Rollover Accident Shuts Down Laurel Road for 30-Minutes


At roughly 1:05 pm, emergency crews responded to a two car accident in which one vehicle rolled over and landed on its wheels. The incident occurred at Laurel and Brown in Oakley which closed the two eastbound lanes for about 30-minutes as East Contra Costa Fire Protection District, Oakley Police, and American Medical Response worked the incident.

A medical helicopter was called but later cancelled after all parties were out of their vehicles.  It appears all injuries were minor and did not require medical transport.



  1. Appreciate the news but did you really need to post about this accident and the two ladies hugging?

  2. So, what was it? Texting, on the phone, late returning a library book, doing make up, eating from a bowl with a spoon, reading the newspaper ?? These roads are straight as an arrow!!! Will this count towards or against the drivers roll over minutes? Geez people, ever think about taking your time, slow down, relax, take it easy, WTF IS THE HURRY???

  3. I’m glad they post a pic of the lady that caused the accident by not paying attention hugging someone….at least my friend who was the responsible driver is ok

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