Oakley: Man Shot After Meddling With Home Security System


Just before 1:00 pm Sunday, Oakley Police responded to a report of a shooting on Ponderosa Drive. Upon arrival, police located a man suffering from a gunshot wound.

The male victim was located on W. Cypress Road laying on the ground shot in the back where the bullet reportedly exited through his chest. He was breathing and alert as the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District firefighters and AMR worked to transport the subject via medical helicopter.

IMG_7113 largePolice quickly located the shooting suspect at a nearby residence and shut down the roadway while telling neighbors to go inside. Police surrounded the home at gunpoint and used a PA System to encourage the subject to come outside.

After several minutes, the subject came outside with his hands up in the air and was taken into custody without incident.

According to Oakley Police Sergeant Perata, the incident was not considered a home invasion robbery.

“The victim was messing with cameras and the home owner shot from his garage, through the garage door and struck the victim, who was in the front yard,” said Perata.

No further information was provided.


  1. you can’t shot threw a garage door! if he missed where would the bullet do??he lives in a sub division for Christ’s sake—poor judgement on the shooters part

  2. You can’t use killing force when you are not threatened. I would suggest that garage door that was closed offered reasonable protection. This home owner is in for a serious lawsuit.

  3. If you’re going to call somebody an idiot, it might work more effectively if you used the contraction for “you are” (you’re) as opposed to the possessive (your)…I don’t have to assume anything for that.

    • Maybe he meant he is such and idiot that he is the sole possessor of idiocy. Could be a fair assessment :B

  4. Who are you to judge , you have assumed the garage door was open. When they explained, the home owner shot through the garage door, they ment exactly that. You can’t shoot through the garage door if it open.

  5. well when it is stated he shot through a garage door, that kinda sounds like the door was closed, not sure how you shoot through a open door

  6. First, the guy shot IS a victim of a shooting because that appears to be the second crime that occurred in this incident. I say that because the shooter was arrested. Second that said “victim” is a suspect in ther first crime of the incident in what was described as a man messing with shooter’s surveillance cameras. I do not give the guy messing with the cameras a pass on what he was doing but REALLY????? Was it appropriate for the guy to shoot out towards his front yard (whether the garage door was open or shut) where children play or pedestrians walking by could have been hit? For that matter that bullet could have gone in to a home and hit someone as well.

    The shooter was irresponsible. He way over reacted to a situation that could have been dealt with in a totally different way. I wonder if the shooter had some other issues that led him to do something so over the top- mental health issues, his own illegal activities, drugs???

    Oakley catches the bad guys on a regular basis. If the guy had snapped a photo, called the police and waited everyone would have had a much better day.

    Someone on Facebook made a good point. What about those kids that were out messing with the blow up Christmas decorations a few weeks ago, going in other folk’s front yards and vandalizing- would you shoot them too? Stupid kids (and stupid adults) do stupid things. Sometimes those things are hurtful and make us feel violated. I would imagine each of us knows at least one person who in their life did something stupid that hurt someone else. Should they have been shot? Have you ever done something and someone misinterpreted what you were doing? There are too many what ifs to allow that blanket of “just shoot them and ask questions later”.

    Really, I don’t have a problem with people defending themselves with guns – like the guy that shot two people the other day in his house when they broke in. But some of the rhetoric here and on Facebook is just plain ignorant. Rights come with responsibilities, let me say that again, Rights come with Responsibilities.

    To say you will shoot anyone coming around your house is just nonsense. Follow out that reasoning. Would you really? Wouldn’t it be at the very least REALLY inconvenient to have to deal with the police, the mess, the costs of taking time off and the possibility of killing someone for something fairly minor?

    When I hear those types of comments I think that those are the guys that are trying to compensate for feeling really small somewhere – either in your guy equipment, in your ability to defend yourself without a gun or in your ability to think on your feet. And if you are a woman- same thing…. Seriously, don’t go looking for a reason to shoot your gun. Use it when you need it- it is a tool to help you defend yourself from someone that is going to overpower you possibly.

    Fear is a very powerful emotion and it seems that fear is what feeds the ignorant comments that go on. All the big talk doesn’t impress the bad guys because they know that they will have the element of surprise and most of the times people won’t be prepared to fight back. They don’t value their own lives that much to worry about taking such risks.

    I respect the gun owner that stores their weapons responsibly, that maintains their weapons properly, & who doesn’t feel they need to wave their gun out for all to see to feel some sort of acknowledgement. The shooter today was irresponsible and all of you that encouraged his actions are just as irresponsible without knowing all the details.

  7. Sorry, but the shooter did the right thing. I know him personally, and he was protecting his family. As a victim of a home invasion myself, we saw someone cut my video surveillence before we were brutally attacked and robbed. So if I seen that I would shoot them too.Lets face it, the cops wouldnt get there fast enough to help anyone so was he just supposed to sit there like a sitting duck waiting to get robbed and wait to get pitol whipped. You seen where the victim shot backk to so he was armed. You don’t go to rob someone house armed with a gun unless you plan a takeover invasion. Period. He did the right thing in my opinion (and I hate guns too but I support him 100% on this one) and in all reality he probaly saved the lives of every member of his family that day. What was he supposed to do? Let the guy in and then he holds the family hostage in a home invasion. No. The homeowner is a good, family man. He has high morals and is more knowledgable about guns then most people in this state. He’s super intellegent. Not some thug running the streets shooting people out his garage door.
    So please dont slam the shooter. He was only protecting his family, his home, his parents, his wife & kids. Guess if the guy wasn;t trying to rob him and cut his cameras then he wouldnt have been shot and been with us today. Sorry, when you do crimes like that you know the risk and the risk is you can get shot and you can die or you can be beat to bloody pulp with a baseball bat. Anything can go wrong.
    For the record, he always keeps the garage door closed. I guess until you have been home invaded, you wont know the fear that comes when you see you someone cut your surveillence camera. Once they cut that camera they come in your house with guns, tie you up and pistol whip you then take all your belongings while you lay in fear of your life. So there was a threat. He was smart enough to know that and eliminated the threat. The boogie man didnt mess with the camera because he was bored or doing it for fun. He had cruel intententions and alot more people could have been hurt had he gained entry. the boogie man chose a life of crime, and he went to the wrong house and got dealt with. No sympathy here. I would do the exact same thing for my family in heartbeat without a second thought.

  8. Are we all numb to the fact that the police have assault rifles? Seems like over kill. What the hell has Oakley turned into?

  9. Assault Rifles?? Really ?? That’s what you take out of this? More bashing the police for using firepower that matches what the criminals have… More power to them as they have a very difficult and dangerous job that has become more dangerous as of late so the public (you ) can be safer in your own neighborhoods. Let’s give them the support they need and deserve!

  10. WOW we got some smart ones here ok people learn the law in state of California you can not shoot any one unless you life is in direct danger. that means un less you can prove without doubt your life will end from that person and no where too run you will face charges for any thing from assault too attempted murder if you shoot some one like that idiot did.
    And yes I said that guy was an idiot for shooting threw the door.

  11. Mike may be correct that the homeowner should not have blindly shot through the closed garage door, but I wouldn’t count on having all the facts from one or even several news articles. Most of the time there are factors involved that the public doesn’t discover until further along or during court proceedings. As far as having to prove your life would end had you not used lethal force against a threat, that’s not exactly accurate. You DO need to demonstrate that any reasonable person in your position would have also feared for their life. This will be scrutinized by the police, district attorney and possibly by a jury of you peers if it gets that far.

  12. I’m a resident of this exact neighborhood. I am very positive that EVIDENCE was obtained that will clear up all these assumptions. Home invasion? I highly doubt it. I would bet that the shooter KNEW these guys. There is much more to be revealed yet. The shooter is not the homeowner. He is a thirty something year old man who lives with his mom and dad in THEIR home, NOT his.

    Nobody has the right to shoot anyone that is walking away…..ever! If this man was so frightened and fearful he would have called 911….that is UNLESS he wasn’t or had something himself to hide and didn’t want cops there.

    I believe this man ( for lack of a better word ) is only “victim” of his own doing. Period.

    • Funny how u can talk but know nothing about the truth, truth is people like you make cases like this worse.

  13. I did not blindly shoot through a door, I shoot through my wall into my van so know ones houses would be effected, as I own a gun business I had every right to protect myself. It was ment to be a warning shot that happen to hit my own friend that was playing around. What he was up to only he knows, I would do it again to protect my family at all cost

  14. Dear Victim,

    If you really are the person who shot, I’d strongly recommend against posting any sort of response on a public website. You could be adding fuel to the prosecutor’s fire if they’re so inclined.

    My 2 cents. YMMV.

  15. the shooter a scared 34 year old man that has done nothing with his life ,but be a wanna b gangster and caused his family more problems than ever helped them ,the shooter has always been a big vagina he doesn’t know how to handle problems like a man ,because he’s a COWARD.

  16. I have to admit, reading all these comments has been at the very least “Entertaining”! So, my 2 cents is….. Why shoot the guy. At least give him a warning yell or something to get off the property, if he doesn’t comply then.. maybe justified, although legally I doubt it. Just an opinion, nothing more or less.

  17. It is nice to see this blog back to it’s old self. Let the racist remarks, the high school lawyers, and that dumb a in disco bay stir it all to get clicks on the website.

    • Whether or not we get 1 click or 5 million, it makes no difference, our rates are locked.

    • @NoMore, New Year has brought you a new screen name I see. What’s wrong Bucko? Was “Anger Managment” already taken? Yet you are the same old LOSER showing up here whining about everyone else who doesn’t share your opinions. You remind me of a silly puppy that runs around chasing his tail. You just make this all to easy!

  18. So tell us what was the call on this …. was the shooter to aggressive, or was the one that got shot shouldn’t have taken that bullet in the back or wat it an even call.??

  19. none of the peanut gallery (you) were there to know what really happened the 2 guys that where messing with the cameras were planning on robing the home owner and the Oakley pd had known about them planning to rob the home owner but did nothing about it. that is why the home owner was released from custody without even having bail.

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