Oakley: Man Commits Suicide in Lucky’s Parking Lot



At approximately 3:10 pm Sunday afternoon, emergency personnel responded to a man who had been suffering from a gunshot wound to the head and was later pronounced dead on the scene according to a Press Release from Oakley Police Chief Bani Kollo.

Leading up to the incident, at approximately 1:40 this afternoon, the Oakley Police learned of a suicidal subject armed with a firearm who left his residence in a vehicle.

Leading up to the incident, an extensive search was done by Oakley PD, The Office of the Sheriff Delta Station and Marine Patrol, and East Bay Regional Parks Police.

At approximately 3pm, an Oakley officer located the subject’s vehicle in the Lucky’s Parking lot on Main Street. The subject was suffering from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  CPR was performed by Officers on scene and East County Fire, and the subject was pronounced deceased.

No further info is being released at this time.

Editors Notes:

Our prayers are with the man’s family and friends this evening and out of respect to the family we will not be pursuing additional details unless contacted by the family.

Our hearts also go out to the Oakley Police Officers and Contra Costa County Sheriffs who worked non-stop on the man prior to ECCFPD and AMR getting on scene. Those in the parking lot could visually see the officers doing all they could for the man. We can assure you these calls are very hard on emergency crews and are never easy.

Contra Costa Crisis Center

If you know of anyone who states they are going to commit suicide or contemplating suicide, please contact the Contra Costa County’s 24-hour crisis, suicide, grief, homeless, child abuse, and elder abuse hotlines. They also answer all local calls to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800.273.TALK and 800.SUICIDE), as well as calls to the Lifeline’s Spanish-speaking suicide hotline (888.628.9454).



  1. its always messed up when someone doesn’t think there is any other way to go but this way I know ive felt like that once or twice just try my best not to let those demons in but it is hard

  2. Prayers to the family. Love the editors notes. Nice to see that there is sensitivity especially when it’s a tragedy such as this.

    • And does that stop them from doing there job JERK ….Because you so perfect and so funny and must be so caring of what just happen to notice these police only. My heart goes out to this family and thank you Police Department.

    • You are an idiot ,this family has just lost a husband and wonderful father and your worried about the caution tape and the physique of the officers or paramedic
      I think their main priority was trying to get there and help this man is quickly as possible ..give me a break
      God bless him and his family ,you all are in our prayers……

    • These policemen put their lives on the line every time they go to work and all you can say is they are out of shape ? seriously! You better pray that one of these “out of shape cops” shows up one day if you need them. If you don’t have anything nice to say about this tragedy maybe you shouldn’t say anything!!!

  3. My prayers go out to his family. Whats really sad in this type of thing is that whatever has him so down , would eventually go away. Nothing is so bad that you need to end it all. Time will heal you in time. God Bless him.

  4. I happen to know this person so to all of you who offer their condolences,thank you very much. And to the people that had negative things to say,slap yourselves. He was a loving father,husband and fruend.its very sad and heartbreaking that things got this far.I will never understand it but I will miss him. May god be with hin.

  5. I too know the man and family, shame on all that made jokes, there is an unimaginable pain in those who were left behind my heart bleeds for his wife, kids and the rest of the family. Terrible tragedy

  6. Hey Jerry Jerk Off, save your jokes for another day. This was someones father and Husband. He was at one time my sons Coach. This isn’t the time or place for your jokes. Have some respect.

  7. I worked with this Great Guy for 2 years. He would do anything for anybody and was always there for me. He was a hard worker and loved his family. I will keep his wife and kids in our prayers.

  8. You will be missed! I will always see you on the other side of the counter when I am in the showroom that you have so often been working. I just wish I knew you needed someone to talk too. I simply feel terriable about such a loss of a friend I have come to know and speak with often too.

  9. Rest in peace uncle D. You were a loving husband, father, son , brother, person period. I will never.forget the memories made, you were there since i was born. I can still feel your strong loving hug or your voice saying ” hi kaka!” When i walk into the house. There are things we will never understand, but we know you are watching over us. Love you forever & always.. I wont ever forget you.
    Erica “kaka”

    • The man has no idea how badly he has hurt his wife and 2 children, other relatives and his friends. He has left behind people who will never get over what he did. Please, if you’re thinking about killing yourself, take a few moments to consider those who love you, and think about their lives. Tomorrow is another day, be a part of it. Please.

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