Oakley: Gunfire Exchanged in Church Parking Lot, Two Wounded

A church member's white truck was struck at least three times by gunfire during a shooting Sunday in Oakley

Shortly before 12:30 pm Sunday Oakley Police and the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of a shooting in a church parking lot off Laurel Road.

Police arrived at The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints to find multiple spread out in the parking lot and a vehicle struck by at least three bullets.

Contra Costa County Sheriffs Office assist Oakley Police in a Sunday shooting

A short time later, Sutter Delta Hospital confirmed it had two patients suffering from gunshot wounds. Police say the victims were suffering from non-life threatening and both patients are expected to survive.

According to police, preliminary information says two groups of people got into an argument stemming from an incident last weekend when a fight broke out.

At that point, gunfire was exchanged between the two groups where two people were struck. Police say a crow bar and a hammer were also used during the fight but did not elaborate further.

Police did confirm two people were shot, but did not say how many more victims showed up at the hospital and did not share the types of injuries sustained. No information as provided on sex or age of the victims or if they were members of the church.

Check back for details.


  1. Really? What a horrible comment. It should say we hope and pray that all envolved are OK and that they find different ways to resolve their differences.

  2. Why havent the names of the Laurel Church shooting people been released. Im curious why something so awful has not been expounded on.

  3. As a member of this church who has a full measure of Jesus, you should not be judging others or, well if you know so much you know the rest of that scripture!

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