Oakley: Good Samaritan Secretly Pays Firefighters Grocery Bill

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Yesterday at approximately 2:45pm the Engine 93 crew was shopping at Raley’s in Oakley. While in line to pay for our groceries we received a call for medical aid in another part of Oakley. We promptly left our groceries behind, asking the clerk if they could save our cart and that we would return after the call.

When Engine 93’s crew returned to Raley’s to pay for our groceries, one of the store clerks told us that a citizen had paid for our groceries and even threw in a bag of Halloween candy! However, they did not get the citizens name and only were able to tell us that it was the lady in line in front of us.

Speaking for my crew and myself, we cannot begin to express how humbled and thankful we are. This was a truly good deed and we cannot begin to offer enough praise to this awesome citizen.

As a gesture of thanks, I would like to invite this anonymous citizen and her family to a firehouse dinner at Station 93 on us! If this anonymous citizen would like to come forward we would be honored to have you and your family over for dinner and a station tour. If you are that citizen, please contact our office at (925) 240-2131 so we can set up a time.

Again, and I cannot say this enough, we are truly honored and humbled by this gesture and you can be assured we will be paying it forward.

Capt. Ross Macumber


  1. That is so awesome ,thank you whoever you are! And thank you to you and your station for keeping us safe and for being the brave people you are.

  2. I always wish I was at the grocery store when firefighters are coming in so I can do this… so far it hasn’t happened… hopefully one day

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