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Oakley: Four Pull Papers for Council Run, Romick, Hardcastle Seek Re-election

by ECT

With three Oakley City Council seats open this fall, four candidates have already pulled papers within days of the filing period opening.

According to the City of Oakley, Michael Dupray, Dezi Pina and Mayor Kevin Romick pulled papers Monday. Meanwhile. on Wednesday, Councilman Doug Hardcastle also pulled.

Councilwoman Vanessa Perry has announced she will not seek election and will instead focus on furthering awareness for suicide prevention.

The Nomination Period for this election runs through August 12, 2016. If an incumbent whose term is expiring should not file by 5:00 p.m. on August 12, 2016, the nomination period will be extended until 6:00 p.m. on August 17, 2016 for non-incumbents only.

Filing papers may be obtained during regular business hours at the Office of the City Clerk, Oakley City Hall, 3231 Main Street in Oakley. A nominee must be a registered voter residing within the City of Oakley. Individuals who are interested in running for office are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with the City Clerk or Election Official to review and obtain papers to run for office.

For additional information, contact the Office of the City Clerk at 925-625-7013.

Michael Dupray released the following statement upon pulling papers:

michael-duprayI am Michael Dupray. The working people’s candidate for Oakley City Council. I am for Smart Growth which provides living wage jobs. An education system that is affordable to all. Locally owned businesses adding to a vibrant local economy. Emergency services with the best training and employee benefits package in the state. A local infrastructure system that benefits all. I am for an education system that incorporates a pathway from secondary school to college and back to a career in Oakley. Together we are strong. Together we can do it.

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East County Jul 21, 2016 - 3:26 pm

Not sure why asshat and self appointed anti fire fighter supporter jack weir is responding to this on facebook. As expected his anything but funding the district rhetoric makes no sense. He is wrapped up in supporting two clowns with a bad and illegal idea. Don’t let him fool ya. He doesn’t even live near the district and has cotton in his ears. He and his comrades Bray and Scott have been told by everyone that their plan is not feasible. The primary issue is a toss up with these people. Ignorance or selfishness is all I hear coming from their camp. No surprise that the anti tax club supports anything but a tax which would provide funding— Even at the peril of the district, firefighters and local community. Thanks but no thanks Jack!

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