Oakley: Firefighters Limit Vegetation Fire on PG&E Property Started by Homeless to 1/4 Acre


At 10:30 am Thursday, Contra Costa County Firefighters responded to a report of a vegetation fire started by homeless in the 5900 block of Bridgehead Road in the City of Oakley.

Firefighters made quick work of the vegetation fire and limited the fire to 1/4 acre.

Law enforcement responded which included Oakley Police Department, Contra Costa County Sheriff and California Highway Patrol (CHP) who were investigating the incident.

Initial reports were that a female was in the field when the fire started and took off. Another male, who was in the tent, was sleeping at the time and said he was unaware of the fire. Oakley Police told them man he had to leave since he was on PG&E property.


  1. That female who book off could have been easily spotted and then apprehended with the use of A DRONE! What’s the matter with these law enforcement people! There is ample technology to fight this!

    • With all the fires started by these bums, our law enforcement should be extra vigilant and using drones, planes and choppers is a must.

      By the way, that woman who probably started the fire and took off. A nice K9 “officer” could have brought her down fast!

  2. Blame PG&E ? Is that the catch all now ?
    The problem is homeless and irresponsible low life creating these fires. That is what needs to be addressed. Good ole California, the Welfare State with lots of excess tax funds reserved for political self service politicians.

    • No one is putting the blame on PG&E, but they should make sure that their properties are free of dry vegetation because there are other ways fires can start there.

      • That goes for everyone Kate, just look around, how’s your yard? How about your neighbors? PG&E has responsibilities but so does everyone else. Take pride in and around your home or encampment is the answer.

        • My yard is just fine, Pride —— no a single weed around. Lush, green grass front and back. My neighbors take great care of their properties.

          PG&E owns a lot of acreage and should make sure that it’s devoid of dry vegetation and keep the homeless off their properties. I’ve noticed an awful lot of dry vegetation by the river here. Who takes care of that? I’ve reported that to the Contra Costa Fire Abatement people. I’ve actually gone to their facilities with pictures of sites.

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