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Oakley Bans Medical Marijuana Cultivation in 3-2 Vote

by ECT

On Tuesday night, the Oakley City Council in a 3-2 split vote approved an ordinance that will ban the growing of marijuana within City of Oakley limits.

The city, who for months had been discussing the idea of allowing up to six-plants to be grown, decided a ban was best at their January 12 meeting of ahead of a March 1 deadline by the state to enact an ordinance or state law will become the standard.
According to the findings of the Ordinance:

“The City Council hereby finds the growing and cultivation of marijuana has the potential to create nuisances to neighboring properties due to the odor omitted by marijuana plants. Also, the cultivation of marijuana can be attractive to burglars wishing to steal the plants, which can lead to violent confrontations with the owners. Indoor cultivation can lead to th risk of fire and other safety issues, as well as excessive consumption of electricity and greenhouse gas emissions.

Under the “Prohibition” clause of the Ordinance:

It shall be unlawful and a public nuisance to grow, plant or cultivate any marijuana plant within the City of Oakley.

Mayor Kevin Romick stated his support for the ban to move the ordinance forward because the State will be coming up with new laws next year and there will be a ballot initiative on the issue.

“I think for me it gives us the best and most amount of flexibility and the most ability to react in the future by staying where we are at right now and maintaining the status quo. We can revisit this issue again next January and see what has happened statewide and we can adapt and change,” explained Romick. “Right now, staying the course is in our best interest.”

Councilwoman Sue Higgins stated her opinion that she was against the ban.

“I don’t want to ban it,” said Higgins. “I just wanted to say that, but I know majority rules.”

Councilwoman Vanessa Perry stated she agreed with Higgins.

“My concerns are the unintended consequences of banning this and I see it as a civil issue instead of a criminal issue. But at the same time those who are growing are doing so for financial reasons because it’s cheaper,” explained Perry. “Now they are at risk of getting fines of $100 the first time, $500 the second time.”

Perry further highlighted that with Code Enforcement, they have already had issues with giving out fines in excess that people could not afford to pay.

“These people who are already suffering medically are now going to be suffering financially and I don’t think we should put the extra hardship on them,” said Perry.

The Ordinance was approved in a 3-2 vote with Higgins and Perry voting no.

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God Jan 27, 2016 - 3:17 pm

How does mankind even think it can dare to ban what I originally created? I laugh at mankind’s ignorance of its Creator’s purposes! Doesn’t mankind know that cannabis was made for its benefit? All the THC receptors in mankind’s brains should be the first fact to consider…

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