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Oakley Awarded Funds for Trail Signs

by ECT

The City of Oakley was awarded grant funds from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) allocating $130,000 of Transportation Development Act (TDA) funds to install various safety improvements and wayfinding signs to close the gap between Delta de Anza and Marsh Creek Regional Trails connection.

The project will improve safety for trail users at four locations.  The improvements include 350 LF of bike lane gap closure, striping bike lanes at signalized intersection with high visibility green thermoplastic, installation of flashing beacons at mid‐block trail crossings, and wayfinding signs for bicyclists.

These improvements will bridge a gap between the two regional trails and also improve safety for bicyclist going to the Oakley Recreation Center, Creekside Park, and the various schools in the area.  The foundation for the rapid flashing beacons at the trail crossing at Laurel Road and at Delta Road has been installed.

Once the concrete is cured, the solar powered poles will be installed at these two crossings in the upcoming week.    Green bike lanes, additional striping, and wayfinding signs are slated to be installed by mid‐April with weather permitting.

These improvements will be a great asset to the community and enhance safety for trail users.

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