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Oakley Announces Amtrak Train Station Platform is Coming Soon

by ECT

On Friday, Oakley Mayor Kevin Romick and Vice‐Mayor Sue Higgins announced the next step in the process of bringing an Amtrak platform to the City of Oakley.

The new 700‐foot‐long Amtrak train station platform that will be located behind Main Street between Second Street and Norcross Lane. Once complete, Oakley commuters will be able to get from downtown Oakley to downtown Oakland in under an hour.

The City of Oakley is gearing up for the new Amtrak Train Station Platform that will be located behind Main Street between Second Street and Norcross Lane.   Amtrak is currently under design for the proposed 700‐foot long platform which will be located within the railroad right‐of‐way.

The City will design and construct the adjacent improvements that will include a bus and car drop off area between 2nd Street and O’Hara and a large parking lot will be constructed to the west of the main entrance at O’Hara Avenue to accommodate future passengers.

“The ultimate goal is to keep the small town look as we attract new restaurants and businesses,” said Mayor Kevin Romick. “We understand that downtown is just a couple of blocks long, but we are trying to create a vibrant area. It’s so important to give the City of Oakley more transit options. You’ll be able to get from downtown Oakley to downtown Oakland in 55 minutes‐ you can’t do that on BART or a car and the ride is much more pleasant.”

Additionally, to maintain circulation during drop off and pick times, a new roadway will be constructed along the railroad’s right‐of‐way from the main entrance at O’Hara Avenue to Norcross Lane.

The train station platform will be a tremendous benefit to the community. Oakley has many residents that commute to the Bay Area for work every day and the new train platform will provide an alternate mode of transportation and drastically reduce their commute times.

The project, made possible with $8.6 million in state funds, is expected to begin construction soon and complete in 2022, according to Paul Herman of the San Joaquin Joint Powers Authority “This is an exciting time for the City of Oakley, said Romick. “We’re looking forward to bringing a train stop back to the East County.”

Pictured: Mayor Romick, Paul Herman from the San Joaquin Join Powers Authority, Vice‐mayor Higgins, and City of Oakley associate engineer Jason Kabalin.

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sad sad state Oct 24, 2020 - 9:30 am

Take me to a single train station in this county or neighboring counties that aren’t plagued with auto burlaries, purse snatches, fights, vandalism, homeless populations, drug dealing, thefts, robberies etc. I’ll wait…. Just what Oakley needs, politicians will brag about what they brought in for the tax revenue base and never tell you about the failing infistructure behind the scenes. Wake up folks! Screen shot this now, Vintage Parkway area will get hammered as well as the downtown corridor. Keep an eye on the underpass and RR tracks in either direction, tent city within a year of completion.

Loved this town…

VP Oct 24, 2020 - 2:14 pm

This is great news. I love Amtrak and Cal-Train. Attracts a much better crowd than BART and the system is actually managed by people who care. San Jose Cal-Train Station has great security, bus service, close to stadium and restaurants, etc. I would like to be able to take Amtrak to San Jose Cal-Train as well as Oakland. Will never leave my car or ride poorly coordinated e-BART.

Patti Smith Oct 25, 2020 - 8:57 am

Can I take Amtrak from Oakley to Martinez a lot of county employees live in Oakley but Work and Martinez and that can be an hour drive on the freeway in traffic!

Roxanne Fox Oct 25, 2020 - 4:27 pm

Just watch the homeless set up camps on those platforms.

Truscott Oct 25, 2020 - 6:49 pm

This will either be excellent or a blight depending upon the effort made to keep it clean and free of non-customers. Antioch’s Amtrak station is worse than blighted. It is dangerous. Oakley, the choice is yours.

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