Mechanical Failure Sparks Fire in Garage of Oakley Home


At 11:43 am Monday, the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District responded to a report of a residential structure fire in the 5000 block of Claremont Ct in the City of Oakley.

Upon arrival, Engine 53 reported light smoke coming from the garage and upon further investigation, a working garage fire. All occupants made it out of the home with no injuries.

Upon arrival of Engine 81 and Engine 88 from Antioch, crews were able to make access into the garage area where the fire appeared near the water heater. Crews were able to knock down the fire which was producing smoke throughout the home.

According to Fire Marshal Steve Aubert, he said the fire was caused by a mechanical failure under the home which was likely burning for a while. The fire burned through the floor which caused the water heater to get involved.

Aubert further explained that with the fire in the fan duct of the air conditioning unit, it spread the smoke throughout the house which set off the smoke alarm giving the residents an alert of a fire which likely saved the home by a quick response and preventing the fire from spreading outside the garage area.

No other information was available.



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