Long Time Pulic Works Director Leaving City of Oakley


Jason Vogan

Via City of Oakley: At the September 24th City Council Meeting, Mayor Kevin Romick announced the impending departure of the longest‐tenured member of Team Oakley, Public Works Director/City Engineer Jason Vogan.

“We had long feared that a private engineering firm would swoop in and take Mr. Vogan from us and that has now happened. After nearly 14 years working as an imbedded contractor for the City, Mr. Vogan has accepted a position with the engineering firm of Carlson, Barbee and Gibson and he will be starting in that new position early next month,” said Mayor Kevin Romick.

City Manager Bryan Montgomery stated, “Jason Vogan has been a key player in taking Oakley’s key infrastructure from nearly nothing to what it is today. These are some big shoes to fill and we will be advertising the position far and wide to solicit strongly qualified candidates for the position.”

Persons interested in the Public Works Director/City Engineer position can contact the City’s Human Resources Division at [email protected].


  1. Good news, now we have about 5 more who need to follow him out the door. Given his performance, I am not surprised he is leaving or was asked to leave.

  2. A person in his position does not just leave this type of job to go work somewhere else unless he was getting heat for something. There is more to this than what Oakley is sharing.

  3. Montgomery’s fears have been realized! It’s time to increase the pay of the remaining employees to make sure they don’t all leave…

  4. Wow how people come to the conculsions they do! I am only one individual, a resident of Oakley, and on several occasions have had the pleasure of dealing with Jason. He has addressed my concerns and answered my questions and made things happen in a very very timely and professional manner. He has done an outstanding job and honestly I could not have asked for more.
    Jason, I wish you the best in your coming adventure, thank you for everything you have done for me and my neighbors and the City of Oakley! Good Luck!!

  5. Should have been fired long ago since most of Oakley’s projects are not on time and are over budget.

  6. I don’t know Jason personally.so I will just say thank you and good luck. however I would love to see our esteemed mayor get the hell out of Oakley.

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