League of Conservation Voters of the East Bay Endorse Diane Burgis for Contra Costa County Supervisor


OAKLEY – Diane Burgis, candidate for Contra Costa County Supervisor, District III, announces the endorsement of the League of Conservation Voters of the East Bay.

“Diane Burgis is committed to standing up for a clean environment,” said Beth Gunston, President of the Board of Directors of the League of Conservation Voters of the East Bay.  “As executive director of the Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed and a trustee of the East Bay Regional Park District, Diane has been fighting for clean water and open space throughout her personal and professional life.”

“I believe it is critical that we protect our natural resources for future generations to enjoy,” said Burgis.  “I am pleased that the League of Conservation Voters of the East Bay has recognized my work to protect the Delta and ensure that our environment is healthy and open space is preserved.”

The mission of LCVEB is to further environmental and public health protections in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties by electing environmental leaders to local office.

Burgis has also earned the endorsement of retiring Supervisor Mary Piepho, former Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan, and more than 30 locally elected officials and community leaders.  Recently, she was honored by the Contra Costa Women’s Hall of Fame with the Women Improving the Environment Award for her work with the Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed.


    • What dirty money? Perhaps you have no idea what a campaign is because EVERY campaign has dirty money, especially Doug Hardcastle and Steve Barr.

  1. Dirty Money= Unome’s latest tag line. As usual no substance, just a symptom of his incompetence.


    • @Bill, See my post above. Or…..just take the short route and take anything the poster “unome” says with a grain of salt. 😉

  2. For actual “dirty money”, see Monica Wilson’s campaign. Diane is all about “clean money”, local supporters, clean environment …

  3. With all of the crazy politics I see on tv, in social media and even in the dumb comments on this page. I am the just overwhelmed by the negativity, the partisanship, and the lack of substance of the campaigns.

    Diane Burgis seems to break that mold with an impressive list of bipartisan endorsers, a diverse base of supporters (donations) and a respectable record of really doing things to help the community. Her positive message and her proven leadership would be a real score for us here in Contra Costa.

    All of the candidates can say they care about the environment, protecting the Delta and open space but the LCV say they believe in Diane. That means something to me.

  4. ” Dirty Money ” political funds donated to one politician ment for that politician then funneled to a different politicians political campaign. If these elected officials want to support a candidate fine. The donation should come from their personal private account. As someone said about Frasier and his donation, I would be very upset if I new my donation to him went to someone else. Dirty Money.

  5. Unome, thanks for the explainations. I don’t believe that meets my criteria as “dirty money”. According to what was posted from the fppc it is not only allowed, it is expected. Let me ask you this, are you are ok with developer or union money being funneled into campaigns? The money that is called “special interest”? The candidate that you appear to be backing (Steve Barr) is running on special interest money. Wouldn’t that money would also meet your criteria as “dirty money” or are there double standards at play here?

    • Mr. Bill, obviously an alias. First of all don’t tell me who I’m supporting or not. Mr. Barr is one of many good people in East County. There are others too like Mr. Hardcastle. Diverting money for an intended person makes it clearly dirty. Special interest money is not dirty money. However it does have a negative taint. Apples and Oranges are very different. Do not confuse yourself. Ms. Burgis has accepted this payola. There usually are strings attached. She should return it and get those donors to re donate from their personal private bank accounts. That’s good honest money. Not the dirty money she accepted.

  6. Unome, why you are concerned about my name when you use an alias is a real head scratcher. However it is concurrent with your apparent double standards. I remember someone else telling you to get your story straight and now I understand why.

    I think it’s strange that you just wrote “First of all don’t tell me who I’m supporting or not” when just days ago you wrote,
    Unome Apr 25, 2016 at 8:18 am
    “Steve Barr is by far the best candidate. This article is just one more example of how genuine he is. The childish attacks are meaningless cries from dis tractors whom have no faith in their own candidates. Steve Barr will be a great asset for east county representation”

    Short memory or just a compulsive liar? Either one stinks and I don’t think anyone here trusts anything you have to say when all you do is contradict the obvious.

    Even as an alias you can’t sell your own comments. That’s pretty bad in my opinion.

  7. Bill your blabber is just that. I did say that and stand behind it. That doesn’t make it your business to think you read mind like with all your comments and aliases. We were talking ” Dirty Money ” remember? I also answered the question in an adult simple to understand explanation. Predictable For you to change the subject when you are dumbfounded.

  8. Unome, I don’t know where you think your psycho babble is effective, but it only comes across as making good you look really screwed up. You appear to have a lot of noise in your head and contradict yourself at every turn.

    Sorry for you.

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