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Ironhouse Sanitary District Approves Raises, GM Gets $13k Increase

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At the January 7  Ironhouse Sanitary District Board meeting, directors approved a raise for General Manager Tom Williams of just over $13,000. They also increased staff salaries across the board to the 44th percentile—up from the 34-40 percentiles.

Williams will now be paid $173,700 ($14,475 per month) which is up from his previous $160,296 salary. For staff, they are all increased at different amounts depending on their percentiles.

According to Sue Walde, District Secretary, Williams’s last raise occurred in 2006. He has also been given then same COLA adjustments as staff since that date. The last adjustment came July 1, 2013 which was at 2.4% COLA adjustment.

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Ironhouse 44 percentileb

Here are the minutes from the December 3 meeting.


Mr. Williams spoke to the Board and at the Board’s request; staff has prepared alternates to the TCS in the 43rd, 44th, and the 45th percentiles.  The 43rd and 45th percentile alternatives were requested by the Board at its October 9, 2013 special meeting and the 44th percentile alternative was requested by the finance committee at its November 9, 2013 committee meeting.

On behalf of the finance committee represented by Director Huerta, the committee went over the numbers with great concern regarding the bottom line, implementation of the numbers, and how it impacts the next two years budget.  The finance committee recommends the Board use the 44th percentile alternative that will leave the District with a sound number for budgeting purposes.

Discussion was held on the three alternatives and the impact on the budget and the consideration for the future.

Director Contreras stated that the study will be used to implement and in hopes of connections coming on, to increase in the future.  Director Painter stated that every Board member here wants to keep the District in the 50 percentile, but we have to stay within our budget numbers.  President Lauritzen stated that he is comfortable with the 50th percentile, but stated that we can’t do it all in one year.  He stated that we need to keep and retain our folks.  We understand that our staff has families and our goal is to take care of our employees.  Director Scheer stated that the TCS needs to be reviewed more often than every 7 years.  Director Contreras stated in the next five years, our goal is to visit the TCS annually to stay current.

Director Painter thanked Director Contreras and Director Huerta for their work.  He stated they have worked on this long and hard and have put a considerable about of time and effort into the study.

Mr. Haefke spoke to the Board and asked, what is the minimum amount number to meet the net revenue.  Director Huerta stated to meet the 45th percentile was not enough to create a comfortable cushion for the finance committee.  Mr. Welty stated there is not a solvent number to meet the net revenue.  Mr. Haefke asked if we bring up the connections will the 50th percentile be visited again.

President Lauritzen stated the Board will be more fluid and more diligent to help take care of their employees.  He thanked the Finance committee on behalf of the Board for all their time.

Mr. Frank Casey asked the Board, by not raising the rate and holding the rate at $618 he understands, but it has hurt the employees by not allowing adequate annual COLA’s and raises.

President Lauritzen stated the Board has a responsibility to be fiscally responsible to the ratepayer.  At 14,600 connections each dollar makes a big difference in this past economy.  He also stated that $2.5 million dirt project will help fund the projects reserve account.

Mr. Louis Solana spoke on the Proposition 218 that was passed with a 5 year projection of a rate increase to $680.  He stated as a rate payer he understands the cost of doing business.  For the service provided for $51.50 a month compared to other utilizes needed for a household it is reasonable and folks would pay for the increase to $680.  As an employee we work hard and shouldn’t be at the 35-40th percentile.  We need to be taken care of.

Mr. Williams spoke to the Board and all attending on the rate proposed in the Prop 218 in F/Y 06/07 to a maximum of $680.  He stated the economy changed and we are still at a high rate as compared to other districts, and as other Districts perform upgrades they are catching up to ISD.  He stated the District is right where it needs to be for a rate.

Director Contreras stated the Board is trying to take care of the issues.  We have addressed transparencies, making the public more aware of our District.  Nothing is the same as it was and the economy has changed.

Mr. Dominic Gardiner asked if the Board is trying to catch up to the 50th percentile in three years.

President Lauritzen stated if fuel stays down, the solar goes online and we obtain 300 connections, the Board will work to bring the employees up to the 50th percentile.

Mr. Haefke stated he is looking for a commitment from the Board to bring staff to the 50th percentile.

M/S D. Contreras, D. Scheer and the Board voted unanimously to implement the Total Compensation Study at the 44th percentile approving an amount of $144,000.

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FrankS Jan 18, 2014 - 8:01 am

If they are not raising my rate they are raising something else that will increase my rate later. Bad Ironhouse!

PATTI GARDNER Jan 18, 2014 - 10:19 am

Sould like they took care of there own frist and the people who keep them making money as always gets there money last IF they really get it.

InTheKnow Jan 18, 2014 - 10:29 am

Looks like they are making up for 6 years of getting no raises in one increase. Using that logic, I would like for my company to do the same which will never happen so Ironhouse should not do that either. I am glad one news outlet is actually alerting us to these abuses.

Julio Jan 18, 2014 - 11:31 am

If you watch all the cities in the state are doing the same thing. Make everyone except the taxpayer whole after the recession.

Why would Ironhouse think any differently. They should not have done this. The private sector won’t.

ECVsBrother Jan 18, 2014 - 12:42 pm

It’s time to be on the look out for another fee increase.Government raises should have some type of guide line and restriction to say inflation or cost of living.I wonder how they can come up with these raise amounts without knowing how it affects the poor and elderly on fixed incomes.My bro knows all, maybe he can chime in to defend the big raises.

ECV Jan 18, 2014 - 4:54 pm


What’s wrong there little man? All the good screen names taken?

You used some pretty big words there for a six year old playing on your parents computer.

Quit your whining, you are embarrassing yourself (again).

Keep up chump-its gonna get better!

Julio Jan 18, 2014 - 10:24 pm

Would you two guys stop that! It has been pretty peaceful for a while.

Mark S.. Jan 28, 2014 - 8:34 am

Now it will cost us more to crap…. lol

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