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HALO Announces New President… But Questions Remain

by ECT

The Homeless Animals’ Lifeline Organization (H.A.L.O.) put out a Press Release today explaining that due to growth, they had to replace Tamera Reed as President of the organization and replace her with Wayne Sanderson.

I have to admit, the Press Release is very ambiguous as to why Ms. Reed was voted out as President.  When I asked some follow up questions, Andrea Stuart, public relations director told me most of my answers to my questions would be found in the Press Release.

Well I am still wondering that with extensive growth, why a President would be removed? After all, their own Press Release which is listed below states “the organization has experienced exponential growth”. I also asked if they thought there was a conflict of interest with the husband of a director now the president. That is nowhere in the Press Release.

Finally, the removal of the animals over the weekend was suspicious as the HALO claims a lack of volunteers and renovations to the facility.

I asked what renovations were occurring and here is the response I received.

“We are re-doing the floors in the facility; although the more pressing issue is that we do not have the volunteer staff to care for the animals at the facility during the weekdays right now, so we have moved them back into foster homes as we operated before H.A.L.O. House. As for the current directors, we will be addressing board of director’s issues at the next board meeting,” stated Ms. Stuart.

I followed up with Tamera Reed about these renovations. She stated as of last week, the only renovation on the table was the possibility of laying  linoleum down in the cat room.  She did speak with Oakley City Manager Bryan Montgomery yesterday about the situation and informed me they had yet to approve of such renovations.

An email to Bryan Montgomery was not returned.

Below, you will find the Press Release in its entirety and you can judge for yourself. While non-profit politics is one thing, we must remember that the care of animals are at stake and this organization had better correct it’s image before it gets permanent black eye in East County.



Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Contact: Andrea Stuart, Public Relations Director
Phone: 925-998-0462
Email: [email protected]

Sudden Growth Prompts Restructuring of H.A.L.O.
Homeless Animals’ Lifeline Organization takes steps in ensuring its future

OAKLEY, Ca. (July 23, 2012) – In October of 2011, Homeless Animals’ Lifeline Organization (H.A.L.O.) opened the H.A.L.O. House Pet Adoption facility at 215 Second Street in Oakley as part of its expansion project. The goal: to offer a safe and homelike environment for a greater number animals in East Contra Costa County as well as providing adequate facilities for business operations, and hosting some of the organization’s programs.

As a result, the organization has experienced exponential growth, forcing it to re-evaluate the best way in which to keep up with its development.

“H.A.L.O. is an essential element to the community, offering programs that few other organizations are currently providing in our area,” says Andrea Stuart, Public Relations Director for H.A.L.O. “And with the wonderful programs and facility, comes tremendous responsibility. We are now faced with operating on a much larger platform than previous years.”

In the last year, H.A.L.O. experienced some intense growing pains that were causing the organization to fall short in some areas. In an effort to keep up with the demands that are required of this caliber of expansion and keep the organization on track, H.A.L.O. elected Wayne Sanderson as president on July 19, in a majority vote of 5-2.

Sanderson is a Certified Public Accountant with decades of experience in the non-profit sector, has served on H.A.L.O.’s board, and has served as the treasurer for the organization for eight years.

“We have an obligation to our supporters, volunteers, and to the city to do everything we can to maintain our operations on a professional level,” said Stuart. “Wayne Sanderson has the expertise necessary to guide the organization on a path that will enable it to maintain its current programs and ensure its vitality.”

While H.A.L.O. was recently forced to go back to its roots temporarily by pulling the dogs from H.A.L.O. House and moving them to the dog manager’s and other foster homes on weekdays due to renovations and a shortage of volunteers to work at the facility, H.A.L.O. is continuing each of its current programs including weekend adoptions at H.A.L.O. House, PETsMART, Petco, and Pet Food Express; the Angel Ears therapy dog program; the K9 Companion at-risk youth program; and Feral Cat Network (FCN); as well as hosting the 6th Annual Charity Golf Tournament in October.


For information about volunteering for H.A.L.O. or to learn more about its programs, visit www.eccchalo.org.

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Julio-Antioch Jul 24, 2012 - 3:56 pm

No more donations from my family. This is another non-profit being run for the purpose of enrichment of its officers. Very weird activities.

JimSimmons42 Jul 24, 2012 - 4:01 pm

Thank you for bringing attention to this issue, I feel bad for all the animals and this Press Release is probably one of the worst things I’ve ever read from an organization. As an organization, it actually makes me want to ask more questions than what it claims it answers. I’ve never met Tamera Reed, but this seems unjust and should she not be brought back as President I would think this organization would lose most of its community support. I agree with Julio, this is being done to enrich it’s officers. It may be time to call for a boycott and encourage support of other local organizations so they can pick up the slack.

JimSimmons42 Jul 24, 2012 - 4:27 pm

Correction, should say she should be brought back. My fault.

“I’ve never met Tamera Reed, but this seems unjust and should she be brought back as President”

RM Franceschini Jul 24, 2012 - 4:18 pm

Really?????? Would you care Andera to elaborate to your audience after all you are H.A.L.O’ s spokesman?????? Can you please tell everyone how many times you have been to halo house? Besides after all the first two board meetings you were absent, and I recall you met in November once, here with Verlene and a few others, that was on cat issues. Please tell everyone how many shifts you covered here, or please tell us the volunteers names and about them and their families, have you ever cleaned a kennel at halo house? Have you even put one load of laundry in at halo house? Most important please tell us about our animals we had here. Can you explain to us your board position? And why you never sent a press release out about our biggest funding event Maddy’s fund where were you during the event? I saw countless volunteers, I saw Karen the volunteer coordinator, I saw the vice president, and president, I saw treasure, I myself was here. Can you also tell everyone why you don’t go to the Rotary meetings or our chamber meetings? Can you tell us the every day routine at halo house? Can B.J? Can Wayne? can you tell me why when a dog was returned to halo because Star never informed the couple the dog had kennel cough and she didn’t send them home with the meds ( kennel cough is very common and easily treated) Why N.J. who is on the board and ran a fountain 500 company and is a certified dog trainer why she couldn’t call the vet office to take the poor dog in, after she was told by myself the caretaker that I know one of the vet offices are open on Sunday….either deer tally or 10 th street. Two options I gave her….when I saw the dog laying on the desk with no one around, I asked N.J. directly did you get hold of the vet because I will take him in….her answer was ” I didn’t know which one was open” two choices she had and she couldn’t figure it out…..well I did and I called and I printed out the paper and I transported the poor dog. And I’m not even suppose to know any of how to do things like that yet I figured it out …….why?????? I am here for the animals……or when new dogs come in to halo did you come down at midnight because they were howling in the bay and comfort them? Did Ken?, did Joyce? Did Wayne? Did N.J.? Did B.J.? Where did you spend New Years? Or the forth of July? Was it here at halo house knowing that animals get very scared during fire works. Or did you know everynite you bring a new dog in that they all bark at night? I do …..why ? Because I am here. Did you pull up to halo and find a kitten dying that a person put in my parking space in a crate in over 100 degree wether? Did you call to save that kitten? Did you wait a week here from your busy day for animal control to come pick up a stray? Did you offer to cover any shifts knowing a friend of our families son committed suicide on July 5th and we had to leave town right away…..did you offer to help out? Our volunteers did…that though is when you were all meeting in private though remember? So let’s leave the readers with this……..you all voted off a president for building halo house up and making record break-in profit, who comprised a team of volunteers youth and adults alike who devoted their time unselfishly, who knows every single volunteer, who can tell you every single thing about the animals here, who was here for ever event and holidays, who scooped poop,cleaned kernels, held scared animals, even got pooped on by them, who raked acorns for hours, who rescued dogs….and gave her heart and soul into them and halo…..you did this why again? Team stands for ……together, everyone,achieves,more……halo house had the best team around and not one single one of those who voted Tamara off was part of that team……now you want to step in to what you were not a part of…..and why????? Because we all did what none of you ever could…..because our mission was for these helpless animals ……not two legged creatures you are…..so maybe you want to rethink your statement. I’m not mad I’m embarrassed to think you can say what you have……remember the truth will set you free, …..I love freedom of speech don’t you???????

Denise McMullen Jul 25, 2012 - 3:05 pm

Very, Very well said RM.
I have been an adult volunteer for HALO under Tamara and I have never seen a more devoted,warm,caring and selfless person than her.She is truly devoted to the animals and I have seen her go beyond what a normal person would do for them. Her cell phone constantly rings because she gives out her number for anyone that may need it for questions and help.Someone knocks on the door with a question, or a stray, or one of a hundred different things, she will stop what she is doing and do whats best for the animal. That is what she has always said “Its for the animals.”
Everything RM said is true, I have seen it for myself. I am truly saddened what has happened to HALO because removing Tamara was not done “for the animals”. Was not done for the better of HALO. I will not be returning as a volunteer unless Tamara returns. In fact once I volunteered on a day when Tamara was not there and I almost left because the person in charge (she is on the board) was rude and very unfriendly. Tamara, I sure missed you that day, and will miss working with you, take care.

Trish Jul 24, 2012 - 5:08 pm

VERY well said RM, I know one of the volunteers who is deeply saddened by this whole situation! What is really sad is the animals are the ones who are going to suffer for the selfishness of others!

Thompson Jul 25, 2012 - 8:16 am

None of the animals are suffering and they are being well cared for. Remember, before HALO house HALO had 40 dogs being fostered and cared for. Joyce has been doing the dogs forever and her home has housed many of them. The volunteers are the ones that are selfish, they came into HALO to help animals and didn’t even know Tamara. They said they loved animals and wanted to help, well the real loving volunteers are still with HALO and the selfish ones have left. HALO will continue on and they have great volunteers and will get more again.

JimSimmons42 Jul 25, 2012 - 9:33 am

The volunteers are selfish? How the heck can a volunteer be selfish? Get a reality check Thompson. I would assume you are using a alias and probably closely tied to Sanderson somehow because you have revealed to know to much about the situation. You calling out volunteers is pretty low.

Thompson Jul 25, 2012 - 1:26 pm

I’m saying that if they were really concerned about the animals, they would still be available to help. The ones that left were just thinking of Tamara. All of the volunteers have been great, but I will stay with the animals and not take sides with the humans. That’s all I have to say!

RM Franceschini Jul 24, 2012 - 5:30 pm

lets hear your voice, Tamara deserves HALO, for she upheld their mission. And she put halo house on the map!

Thompson Jul 25, 2012 - 9:05 am

I think what you meant to say is she wants HER house back, so that her sister can continue to live there and makeup rules and do things her way. You can’t be President, Board Member, HALO House Manager and want to get a Salary. Last I heard, I can’t be my own boss and get paid for it. Why don’t you all stop and get back to what this is all about, not an individual, but finding loving homes for the animals.

JimSimmons42 Jul 24, 2012 - 5:38 pm

Not to attack another paper, but the Contra Costa Times just got this story completely wrong and missed the actual story which is how and why the “oust” as they call it occurred. What a joke of a paper that is, I like this site way better as it provides insight with information.

Here is the Times article.


I swear, for a minute I thought they were attacking the volunteers and high school students. 16 dogs in the Sandersons home? How is that good for any animal?

burkforoakley Jul 24, 2012 - 5:41 pm

thank you for the link, I just read it and the 16 animals at the Sandersons home is insane! In speaking to both sides, I am really shocked Rowena still has a job!

RM Franceschini Jul 24, 2012 - 7:03 pm

They voted her off simply for the fact that they wanted a puppet, now Joyce and Wayne have 3 puppets. I still can’t believe that people that never were here working now are going to run halo. Whats funny the reason why they pulled the dogs is this via a phone conversation that was on speaker with Joyce…….and I quote..”Wayne and I are too old to go down to halo 3 times a day a run dogs, so we brought them here to my house and people can come here an help” so Tamara who worked and also lead the shifts and the others who are never here are now wanting the kids to do all the work and thats moving ahead and growng. How wonderful of all them. I think that like the minutes from I believes august or Janurary board meetings said that each board member work at least 20 hours at halo house a month. Why not Tamara worked 60 to 80 a week.

TR Jul 24, 2012 - 8:47 pm

I appreciate all the input and support . I keep hearing from the existing Board members i should be proud that my volunteers care about what happens to me and not the animals. That couldn’t be more untrue. Its the volunteers adults and children alike that worked so hard to make HALO house a success. They put in countless hours to make sure the cats and dogs were let out to exercise and play 3 shifts or more a day. The kennels were disinfected at each shift. They animals were bathed and brushed as needed. It warmed my heart after each shift to watch the kids sitting in the kennels giving the dogs just a bit more love before they had to leave or having a cat out of its condo and getting a last minute stretch before being tucked away for the evening. This not only was a benefit to the animals but also to the young volunteer. It gave them purpose taught them responsibility compassion. It was a safe haven for the kids to go instead of being on the street. We had volunteers w/ Autisim , Down Syndrome . Bipolar , Kids from Gateway special needs school and everyone was treated as an equal Animals give unconditional love they dont make judgement and it taught the kids to be like the animals and not to judge they were all there for the same purpose. to save lives and find forever homes. Those kids and adults were able to experience what i had for years to take a scared or injured cat or dog and watch them transform just like the ugly duckling and the swan right before their eyes .Who could ask for a better experience. They want to keep volunteering they are sadden that the animals have been taken away. But they also need to know that they are volunteering in a safe environment w/ loving adults who care about them and the animals and dont make judgement on others. They are not comfortable going to a strangers home They want their old shift leaders,HALO house caretaker and their President back . Its not the status I could care less about the title just like all my leaders but we are not comfortable working under a dictatorship where it seems like judging others is more important then taking care of the animals. It would be different if the Board members worked at HALO house on a day to day basis, but to not be there and then make judgement on others is Completely wrong

RM Franceschini Jul 24, 2012 - 9:21 pm

No one knows until they have walked in someone elses shoes how one feels, or even thinks. Halo House was far more tha animal rescue……………………………….it rescued people who felt they had no purpose, it rescued kids from running the streets,it ruscued teens who otherwise would use drugs, it gave adults who have lost their spouce a chance to heal, it gave chldren who have been abused a safe and secure enviroment, we laughed and cried here we expirenced shy withdrawn kids regain life, and it wasn’t the 5 who saw or helped with that, it was Tamara, myself, Linda, Paulette, Tish, Karin, Denise, Wendy, Sabrina, Casey, Becca, John, Jescia,Katie,Amber,Cathrine, Jean,Treasure, GiGi, Stephanie. All adults all who lead shifts, and all of them knew the kids. It wasn’t Joyce or Wayne, or N.J.(who never wanted kids to help her), Ken, Andera (who wouldn’t get dirty even if you paid her) B.J. who did folders. In fact durring adoptions they would sit inside, the never interacted not one single bit with these kids. I miss all the life here, I miss the hard work, you know what though???????????????if we made a difference in just one childs life, or one adults world, and I know we made a difference with the animals……………………well then it was worth it all………………………being behind the lines I know is important, it still though doesn’t have the impact of wittnessing it first hand……………And personal for the fact that how can 5 members hae control of everything when they have not a clue of what happened inside these walls……..talk to a man or woman who has served for our country and explain what they should or should not do on the battlefield……..don’t pass judgement or make choices unless you know all the facts and have lived it………I’m proud to have been a part of Halo House……I’m embarassed to have been ran by HALO. and those of them that think they made a change for the good, walk a mile in our shoes……………………You all have no hearts or compassion for anyone else except yourselves………………..how sad.

nanfournier Jul 25, 2012 - 10:11 am

Andrea, who wrote this for? Wayne Sanderson, and the rest of the little group. Is this all you can come up with? . Why don’t you put out the real reason Tamara is gone? I can see where this is going. I may have to share some personal emails I have recieved from the board regarding Tamara, Halo house, and Renee. Where in this conversation did you mention that the 4 of the 5 board members that have voted Tamara out have been friends for years, and most have been with Halo since the beginning.They do not like change, but most of all they do like Renee. I have documentation and heard verbal attacks made by board members against Renee regarding the way she dresses, the company she keeps, and to me it is no secret they wanted her out and couldn’t find a legal way to do it. So the best next thing would be to remove her sister, and she would leave also. Did not anyone read the threat made to Tamara by Mr Sanderson, the president, that he would make Renee’s life a living hell? That he would spend $500k of his own money to remove her. IF Renee was a problem, did she see anything in writing concerning any issues they had with her? Instead they decided to use a different venue to remove her. By getting rid of Tamara as president, they knew her sister would leave also. Very cleaver move on your part but it backfired. You were told how much the volunteers repected them, stood behind them. So when you let her go, did you have a back up plan the next day how you were going to resume business as normal? No.., no one showed up, forcing you to remove the animals because you had no help? Do you really believe you will be able to staff Halo house again without questions and concerns. Currently we have a letter being sent to you regarding the behavior of one of your board members for the way they acted at Halo house, cussing, kicking things, and dragging a dog through the back door. Or we have the email from a board member stating they do not like working with kids. Or the documented conversation Joyce Sanderson had with Katie and myself, telling us that the next board members to go would be Norma Cohen and Ken Gove, and that was at the board meeting 2 weeks before Tamara was released of her duties as president. She praised Tamara to us. Another point, I was told, Tamara was warned this was coming. In order for her to hold the new paid position being created “Executive Director” Tamara would have to step down as president. Then she could apply for the position. The position would be open to the public for 30 days. Tamara was well aware of the conditions and she said that when it was ready she would step down, but why would she do it before the position was availalble,. I have not seen a job description, or an application for Executive Director yet. We have been waiting for months now.The community should be concerned about he dogs. I have no doubt that the dogs are loved, but the living conditions. A welfare check to some of the the board members houses, and a few others is needed. I think there is over crowding and they may in violation of city ordinances depending on what city they live in. I got an email saying the dogs were removed from Halo house because they were at risk. SO I think it is my duty to make sure they are not a currently as risk where they are being housed. And to Thompson, see..it has nothing to do with the success of adoptions, the amount of dedicated volunteers, etc..but you said exactly what I am trying to say..the move was personal.. your quote “she wants her house back so her SISTER can live there, make up her own rules, and do what she wants” BINGO..there is the real reason..and who’s friend are you? We have spoke out and identified ourselves, now do you have the guts to say who you are speaking for?

nanfournier Jul 25, 2012 - 10:17 am

The current rennovation, is laying lineoleum on the floors in the cat room. The cats are still there, the dogs are not. Exactly what rennovations are needed where the dogs are housed? They have air conditioning, larger kennels, a yard for excercise..so the only decision to move the animals was because the whole staff with the exception of a few walked out on you. .

nanfournier Jul 25, 2012 - 10:59 am

ONE MORE THING THOMPSON.. How dare you call us volunteers selfish..who are you anyway. Have you been at Halo house the last year, if so who are you to call us selfish. We work 10-20+ hours a week FREE, cleaning up shit, vomit, blood,pee, and putting our lives on hold sometimes for the dogs, at night and on weekends.. you included many youth in your comment..selfish..I just hope you can live with yourself..You should be ashamed of yourself. Can I quote this for our signs when we protest?

RM Franceschini Jul 25, 2012 - 11:30 am

Make up rules and selfish volunteers, and not knowing Tamara??????????ok someone is really reaching now. Please list the volunteers you know and what you know about them. Also please list how Tompson you have been with Halo, and what work you have done for halo. No rules were made up, the board was always involed, I believe I know who this is so go right ahead with fabricating un true comments. At one point they had a hoouse mgr position, and that person was incharge of the dogs here at halo and geeting the files in order and organizing files, that was N.J., she got upset and took two weeks off which by the way didn’t find anyone to cover her shift, she was up set because a board member resigned due to how N.J. treated her, and at the board meeting the read Stephanies leter on why she resigned, which pointed to N.J., so she left for two weeks, and then shortly after that N.J. took a month off again not covering her duties, that is when Tamara found out that nothing N.J. was suppose to have done while at the house was done, so Tamara ended up doing it. For the record anytime that any time Tamara or myself had to leave our shifts we made sure was covered. House mgr. position was never to manage my comings or going as a resident.I fufilled my contractal duties and still am. And I have done more work for the animals and with the halo house side than any of the five that remain on the board. I became the center of attention for Joyce, Ken, N.J., Andera, and B.J. which is very sad because I’m not worth all of that. The animals should be the focus and they wern’t to those board members,To the rest our number one responcibilitiy was the animals, and making sure they had a safe enviroment, Star please tell us why when you came to HH why you never worked? N.J. said infront of many she wasn’t here to clean only supervise, you not once picked up poop or swept or mopped, or even fed the animals,and how dare you say the volunteers are selfish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the volunteers all knew us here we worked along side of them not sitting n a office on a computer doing crossword puzzles, or checking personal email………You need Gog in your life sister because you lack compassion and the ability to think on your own. You only listen to what Joyce, Ken ,N.J. tell you…whats funny is not one of them like working with the kids or know anthing about the kids………….and the Volunteers were so disrespected by ken and N.J. you don’t treat people the way they did, talk about compasssion take a look at Ken Gove tract record working at the Antioch Shelter, they by the way will never hire him back for the way he treated animals, Everyone who volunteered here loved Tamara, and I would love for you to list volunteers with the exception of Audi for we all know and love her and she was written up in the news papers for the amount of hours she voulunteed, tell me about them…please…This is my home , sure and the agreement was for three years the length of the lease,and I have had to jump hoops with every thing I did, to be here, I left taking care of two kids I had been with 4 years to come here, and I worked my butt off here, How dare you say anything about me when you yourself never broke a sweat here. Halo needs people who can get along with others and personally I feel that the elders are Jealous of all we accomplished, Truth be told not one of you would or could do the work we did or would you devote your time as we did, you would rather call the shots from Joyces home all sitting around a table…..You will learn tho, Joyce wanted both Ken and N.J. off the board, and Star your only around because Joyce can’t do much anymore. So how are you 5 going to run HH? Volunteers shouldn’t be the only ones doig the work.

RM Franceschini Jul 25, 2012 - 11:33 am

Sorry about my spelling my computer was scanning…..oops

RM Franceschini Jul 25, 2012 - 11:39 am

Halo has been around 11 years Halo House 8 months, we did in 6 months what halo couldn’t do in 10.5 years.and now you want to take the credit and take over????????????wow is’nt this like the children book where the chicken did all the work and asked for others to help and no one would, then once the harvest was in they wanted to enjoy it all????? I’ll ask each of you what the chicken did…………where were you when we needed help?

nanfournier Jul 25, 2012 - 1:12 pm

Pathetic Starr..but thanks for enlightening us on the conversations at the Sanderson’s house regarding Renee..since you volunteer there, and not at the HALO house. Seems that is the topic of conversation since that seems to be what you are
focusing on. And by the way for the record, you may have some answering to do to the parents of the volunteers you publicly called “SELFISH” Oh, and lets not forget the adult volunteers you just called SELFISH

RM Franceschini Jul 25, 2012 - 2:34 pm

I can speak for myself and what I’ve done to benefit halo. I know how hard I worked, and along the side of many volunteers. I kept no company here, I never took advantage of halo, I had a valentines dinner w 3 adults and 2 teens, I had my two sons for dinner Christmas eve, and my sister and her family on Easter. And occasionally a volunteer would come over for a movie, halo told me this was my residence and my goodness you would think I lived in a convent. The home is still as pure as when I moved in…lol I know that if you live in the public storage facility that they wouldn’t have been allowed to dictate as the way halo did to me. I guess as long as I did things for who ever asked I was great. I asked permission with everything I did. And halo wanted it to be my residence when it benefit them ie. Fostering of dogs. Yet everything else it wasn’t. This tho isn’t what halo was about….it was the animals right? They approached me for the position, I didn’t come to them, they knew I was living a family, they gave me three years, now they said that the animals would be done with no one here. So that means no one else will he able to move in here. Thank-you

RM Franceschini Jul 26, 2012 - 1:47 am

I will not be posting any more. The animals that were rescued was the highlight of my life, it truly is amazing when you see the transformation of scared,or abused animals finially trust you and respond to someone’s love. I’ll never forget Jax, the first time I saw him he looked at me with these big brown eyes, he is a rough jack Russell, he was so frightened, his owners actually kicked him when surrendering him to halo, I sat in his kennel with a piece of turkey and he would just go to the furthest cornor and shake. After about 45 min he actually let me place my hand on him. I promised him right then and there no one would ever gurr him again. I broke my heat to see an animal so scared. I had to leave for work. When I returned there he was waiting for me actually on his hind legs , I was surprised. That day a girl scout troop was taking a tour of halo,and all the girls were excited about all the dogs and cats. I told them about jax and I reached over and actually picked him up and gave him a long hug. And from that say on I would make sure I always said hi and spent a little time with him each day. He was adopted a few weeks ago and he is now in a very loving home. I’m so glad I got to say goodbye to him. Now that’s what halo is about, and that’s what’s important . It’s not the people and who’s doing what…..its all the animals who make halo a success. Too bad we cnt have more stories that are positive, for it would have made a much better story line. For bless all,

Julio-Antioch Jul 26, 2012 - 7:31 pm

It is about the people IF there appears to be something strange going on. Is the intent of the new people to abuse the non-profit status of a formerly good group? There are two people now running HALO I don’t even know but I have a hugh poroblem with abuse of non-profits. I would certainly look in to this. Just plain too cozy plain and simple.

Christine Mikulice Jul 27, 2012 - 10:07 am

What is so sad is that H.A.L.O. needed younger people involved to make sure that it moves forward, and with the new group of volunteers it was finally getting that. I’m 55 and for a while I was one of the “younger” ones on the Board. Having a good variety of age groups is necessary– we need people who will be able to step up and lead when others of us decided to pare down our involvement. I was excited to see all of the younger people being involved, I had hope because H.A.L.O. was becoming multi-generational that it would survive. I’m not sure that it will anymore, especially since so many of the younger volunteers, who had so much energy and stepped up to help pick up the poop, love on the animals and help with the events– now that so many of them has left.

Julio, it is not “new”, or at least not the “newest” people who seem to be the problem. The problem, as I see it, comes from a few people who don’t understand that volunteers are what make H.A.L.O. successful, who tell them to “grow a thicker skin” when they say hurtful and abusive things. They don’t get that driving away volunteers is not the way to make the organization work. They don’t understand that often people are drawn to working with animals because animals are a comfort and give unconditional love. That some of the volunteers have been victims of abuse themselves, and they should not be spoken down to or yelled at when they come to give their time to the animals. These Board members do not represent what H.A.L.O. stands for, and I believe that they need to step down.

I’d like to see a mediator step in. Both sides need to give a little. I actually still love and respect a couple of the people who were involved in this fiasco, but it doesn’t change the fact that I believe that what they did was very, very wrong.

RM Franceschini Jul 29, 2012 - 4:39 pm

I agree with you Chris. There is nothing wrong with mixing of the old and the new. The older people that have been involved with halo had the opportunity to pass on all thier knowledge and mentor the newer generation, to show others how a team of people who have compassion for the animals who otherwise wouldn’t have a voice……the defenceless animals, isn’t that what brought everyone together in the first place? It wasn’t to put down or abuse eachother. I couldn’t tell you how excited I was to be asked to come and help, I will admit at first I had no clue what to do or which direction to go, or the first thing about a rescue. I watched others and listened to my sister and I was in awe to see how hard she worked to get halo house up and running. As with other groups and organizations problems arise, nothing though that couldn’t be sloved with communication and respect towards others. Everyone had great ideas and most had an idea of how to achive them. A presidents duty is to lead and Tamara did a fantastic job leading, my oppinion is that people wanted to lead the president. I for one think outside the box, I at one time discussed an idea I had with Treasure, I thought it would be a good idea to somehow get a van donated so that we could transport animals easier and I was really excited about it. After talking with Treasure she brought me back down to reality saying “Renee thats a great idea except then you get into issues of liabilty and then there’s the question on who would be the drivers” humm I thought I never thought it out that far. I never took offence to her answer in fact I respected her more being able to explaine the other side to me, afterwards though I told her thank you because she listened and isn’t that how great ideas come about? by sharring and brainstroming ideas, and discussing them without degrading comments? Hewlet Packard has a wonderful slogan ….”What If” …. its the what ifs of the world that has brought our country to where we are today.
The oldest members had a wonderful chance to show others how people work with eachother not against one another, the newer members had a chance to gain knowledge and help halo grow into a huge rescue. I find it very sad the the lesson our youth learned is that people old and new only argue and say hurtful things about and to others and by doing so their mission has become a disaster. I for one am embarassed for the fact we could never have a meeting of the minds and hearts. When a group of people get together for a common dream one must realize that each of us have feelings and that we must really listen and not judge each other. No one wanted to listen they only wanted to point fingers and accuse and cause a derversion from what the real issue is..I think everyone had their own idea what was best for halo, and that they had blinders on and never wanted to think there was any way except their own. Egos were large and ears were closed, and gossip would occur which lead to problems. People wanted titles and posistions yet really didn’t want the work that came along with the titles. I say do without titles and join heads for the common good and put differences aside towards one another because it wasn’t suppose to be about me, or Stephanie, or Tamara or you or any of us…….it was suppose to be about the animals, and every bit of energy people used regarding other issues took away from halos mission. People left not because of how I dressed or how I decorated halo house, they left because they saw where halo would end up and that people lost their focus. You were a great asset to halo and I was deeply saddend to see you go, as well with stephanie. It makes me wonder now if halo really wanted to grow or if halo really wanted younger members to join or if halo really wanted to work with children or trouble youth, if they did then why is it that all the latter are the ones who have been cast out?
I pray that someone will step up and lead to meet with all involved, who would be able to control the discussion and help both sides come to an agreement and to stop this maddness. Halo doesn’t want to be known for what is going on on……………….wouldn’t halo want to be known for all the good they have done for animals and children alike? Mistakes are the only way anyone can learn, it’s what choose to do with what you learn that counts. I say show the community that we are good adults and that we all have feelings and that we all have made poor choices, yet we can fix what has happened and apologise to each other and the community and that we can still become the best rescue around. I for one extend the olive branch its not too late, please everyone involved lets solve this and do what it was we all gathered to do, which is rescue animals who have no voice. We can do it.

RM Franceschini Jul 29, 2012 - 5:04 pm

Please, Lets show all involved that its never to late, we can repair and become stronger and continue saving animals that need to be saved, and every second we wait another helpless animal dies.

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