Grinch: Thief Steals Packages off Porch of Oakley Home


Oakley Thief

An Oakley resident wants East County residents to be on the lookout for a person that is suspected of stealing Christmas gifts off their porch Tuesday afternoon. The incident occurred off Laurel Avenue in Oakley at 4:42 pm.

According to the family, the thief stole several toys purchased for the children, books, toy trucks, craft kits and other presents which were delivered earlier that day. The family says the subject also opened up boxes left on a  neighbor doorstep as well which its  items were removed and boxes left.

If you know this person, please contact Oakley Police Department.

Note: It appears the thief missed the sign which says the home is “under video surveillance”.


    • But….But….. That’s entrapment! Then the case would go to court and the jury would feel bad for him/her due to a bad “childhood” and he/she would be released with just a slap on the wrist. Just a simple 488 = not worth the cops time unfortunately

  1. more on that sting…get in the box and wait there for the thief!

  2. I have a better idea…

    Why don’t we just leave envelopes of money for the poor guy? Obviously, he’s one of those needy section 8 common denominators who live in Antioch.

    The poor guy has to be out in the cold, all by himself looking for gifts for his “brothas and “sistas”

    Let’s all get together and wish him a Happy Kwanza! and bring him and his family extra cash, food, and drugs. I’m sure this will make him happy.


  3. Big surprise f—– a–hole ghetto is taking over east county. I tell you one thing I catch someone stealing from my house its going to be a .45 FMJ not the cops that find him

    • Shoot to kill and make sure the bullet enters his front and never his back. Dead thugs can’t testify or sue and bullets entering the front instead of the back follows in line with the fact that he was trying to kill you when you confronted him.

      Make it clean, make it justified.

    • You’re a tool. Pls shoot someone for stealing a package off your porch so we can thrown your dumba$$ in prison. Call the police and let them do their job…don’t be a hero….heroes always are the ones who get hurt.

  4. Hope he’s caught. He’s gonna be sorry if the two of us meet. If we do, it’s jail for him!!!!!!

  5. Someone should be able recognize him from the picture and hopefully will do the right thing and turn his thieving ass into the police. What a scum-bag.

  6. sorry oakley,we just couldnt fit anymore into this city,were over flowing, knew it wouldnt be long b4 they started in in ur city

  7. Be careful, he may live right around the corner from you! Unfortunately for us, these idiots are protected by family and friends so, if he’s going to be identified, it’ll have to be by a stranger. Good luck.

  8. This same suspect was posted today on coral bell way and there was no police at all in this area and they know this is happening for several months now. This is a felony charge. Oakley police need to be on this asy mail has been taken several times since summer.

  9. The only hero that is ever remembered are the dead ones. You cannot shoot somebody for stealing a package. You need three things, to justify a homicide – 1. Intent 2. Ability 3.Opportunity

    Lethal Force and Hand-to-Hand Combat

    Lethal Force causes death. Great bodily harm causes less than death, but still severe injury. In California and many other states if you are threatened, you are allowed to defend yourself. Let’s discuss 3 words that will hopefully keep you out of prison –

    1. INTENT/JEOPARDY – The bad guy’s intent is his words or actions that would lead a reasonable person to fear for their safety. (i.e. “I’m going to kill you!”)

    2. ABILITY – Bad guy has a weapon, (i.e. a bat, brick, club, brick etc…) you have a weapon of defense – Yes, you can shoot them, but it is not necessary!

    3. OPPORTUNITY -Does the bad guy have the ability to carry out his threats?
    If somebody threatens you over the phone and you go out looking for them, that’s not self defense.

    What if the bad guy is unarmed? Healthy adult male vs. healthy adult male? Get your pepper spray or have some hand to hand training or skills.

    Two or more unarmed adult males vs. one adult male, this is called a disparity of force. Can they beat a single person to death, more than likely, yes. This also applies to 120lb woman vs. 220lb man or an injured or disabled man who can’t fight or run, disparity of force law applies. (check w your local law enforcement.)

    Bad guy says, “I’m going to murder you” – INTENT
    “with this axe,” ABILITY
    and he’s cutting through your front door; OPPORTUNITY.

    JUST BECAUSE THE BAD GUY HAS THE INTENT, ABILITY AND THE OPPORTUNITY, doesn’t mean you have to shoot, it means you are allowed to shoot. Your responsibility to be ready for the fight, never ends.

    Bad guys use violence, good guys use “FORCE.”



      • That might be your holiday, but it’s not mine. Get informed on the law before you run your trap. You’re an internet bully, a troll, and obviously uninformed. Have a Merry Christmas.

        • All I did was wish you a Happy Kwanzaa, geez. Who’s the internet troll now? I bet you a section 8 voucher that more than half of the people here didn’t even bother to read your crap about “the law”. Furthermore, your stupid disclaimer just lends to the point of how much of a chicken crap moron you are.

          Actions speak louder than words and your direct insults are nothing than actions from a typical wannabe vigilante.

          How can you be so mean during our Kwanzaa Holiday season? You should learn to respect other people’s culture you insensitive tyrant.

          • What you do speaks so loud, I can’t hear what you say. Your negative rants are like the teachers in the Charlie Brown cartoons… And I bet you have a treasure chest full of Section 8 vouchers… Probably how you ended up in Antioch. o.O Kwanzaa? Are you African? If you were born here then, NO. Sell it to your fans you side show phony. Stop replying to me, you’re ignorant and annoying.

    • I believe this is the guy I saw yesterday in Antioch around 12:40 pm Knocking at my friends door who happened to have a package on her door step. I was walking to my car his back was turned to me so he didnt see me get into my car.I watched him look side to side then he turned around realized that I was in my car then took off. I wrote down the plates and after seeing the pic and the car he was in with the door open like that it only confirms.I made my police report hopefully, it matches.His asa is grass and there was 2 other people with him.

  10. Everyone is speaking of kindness????!!!! Thats this society s problem. No!!! Hes a thief. I dont care if he lived on the streets. A thief is a thief and those packages are not his!!! They don’t know real consequences so they keep doing it. We should be like asia. Steal. You die. They learn not to that then. Stop giving thief’s and thugs excuses. Im suck of it !!!!!!

  11. Wow he’s talented! Stealing gifts one handed. The other one was holding up his pants. Asshole.

  12. Scanner Watch,

    Thanks for spending so much time reading my posts and responding. I’m glad I can touch in a warm place this Kwanzaa Holiday season. =)


    Reginald Jamal Brown

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