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City of Oakley to Discuss Speed Change Recommendations

by ECT


At the February 25 Oakley City Council Meeting, Oakely will discuss a series of changes based off a Vehicle Speed Study performed in Fall of 2013. This survey is done every 7-years and it looks like they will be increasing the speed limits in high traffic areas such as Main Street, Laurel Road and West Cypress Road.

Nancy Marquez was kind enough to provide the following information:

In compliance with California Vehicle Code and State Department of Transportation procedures, the City of Oakley completed the vehicle speed survey in fall 2013. This vehicle speed survey is performed every 7 years by municipalities to be able to legally continue the use of speed radar enforcement by the police departments. In general the speed limit of a street is set at the nearest 5‐mile per hour (mph) interval where 85% of vehicles travel at or below the speed, commonly known as the 85th percentile.

The recommended speed limit changes include adjustments on Main Street between O’Hara Avenue and Teakwood Drive. New speed surveys conducted after the completion of the improvements in the vicinity of the Civic Center provide recommendations for a speed limit of 30mph between O’Hara Avenue and Vintage Parkway, 35mph between Vintage Parkway and Gardenia Avenue/Miguel Drive, and 40mph between Gardenia Avenue/Miguel Drive and Teakwood Drive. Signs installed during the recent construction in this area will be replaced to allow for enforcement by the use of radar by police department.

The recommended speed limit changes also include increases in the speed limit of Brown Road between Laurel Road and Carpenter Road from 30mph to 40mph, Brownstone Road between Main Street and O’Hara Avenue from 35mph to 40mph, West Cypress Road between Main Street and O’Hara Avenue from 30mph to 35mph, and O’Hara Avenue from Main Street to West Cypress Road from 25mph to 30mph. Adoption of these speed limits will allow enforcement by the use of radar by police department.

Staff realizes that speed limit changes and specially raising the posted speed limits can be a sensitive matter for the community. However, in the above cases, in order to adhere to the laws and regulations and for the Police Department to be able to enforce the speed limits, the above recommendations will be presented to the City Council at the February 25th meeting.

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Julio Jan 30, 2014 - 7:06 am

You don’t have much choice in the matter. The state rules the road. Happened in Antioch on James Donlon. It’s a race track now.

p5ret Jan 30, 2014 - 10:34 am

A couple of issues with the survey. The speed limit now on Main from Vintage to Teakwood is currently 45 in the westbound lanes. Unless of course it was changed without a survey, but since the trees cover the sign it is hard to tell. I’m not real certain that increases on Brown and Brownstone are good idea’s with the number of homes on those roads. Brownstone in particular is a bit narrow for those speeds the way some folks drive.

The other thing that comes to mind is that I had heard the PD was citing on Main for the new 25 MPH speed that was put up east bound Main from Teakwood. Is the city now saying that those signs were put up without a speed survey? I’m kind of thinking that was the case since it changed rather quickly from Teakwood to Gardenia.

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