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City of Oakley Launches the Oakley Digital Market

Press Release

by ECT

The City of Oakley is working with, government software startup — Glass, to launch the Oakley Digital Market, an e-commerce marketplace where local business owners can seamlessly showcase and sell their products and services online.

Through the marketplace, local businesses can digitize their catalogs of products and services, and start receiving orders and digital payments in a streamlined and compliant fashion. On the other hand, buyers can discover Oakley’s local businesses, see their latest products, services and pricing, and buy from them with a couple of clicks.

The local marketplace aims to complement the City of Oakley’s economic development efforts, helping local businesses embrace digital transformation and engage with new potential customers eager to buy locally.

Additionally, the City will benefit by having a dynamic and always-updated database that City staff can use to identify new vendors, request fast quotes, and conduct more sustainable purchases.

The platform also provides on-demand delivery options, intelligent dashboards, socio[1]economic indicators, and technical support via live chat, hotline, and email, for both vendors and buyers.

The Oakley Digital Market Virtual Launch Event will take place on Wednesday, June 1st, 2022 via Zoom, and will feature Oakley’s Economic Development leadership, business and community leaders, and the local marketplace team that will be introducing the platform to local businesses and the community.

The Oakley Digital Market can be accessed at www.commerce.glass/oakley.

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